How To Remove Stretch Marks Permanently


How to remove stretch marks permanently

How to remove stretch marks permanently

Our big question: how to eliminate stretch marks permanently? Well, to our regret, these are normal for women. Sooner or later, stretch marks appear in some area of the body (thighs, chest, abdomen …) It is very complicated to eliminate stretch marks once they appear, but when they are in the reddish base it is easier to fight them. Next, you have the best tricks to ‘eliminate’ stretch marks.

How stretch marks appear

How to remove stretch marks permanently

The first thing we need to know is how they are produced. Stretch marks come out when the skin is stretched to the limit, which is why they appear when weight is taken and later lost, puberty or during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks can appear at almost any age. The breakage and retraction of the elastic fibers of the dermis cause the skin to lose elasticity and causes certain areas of the body to have stretch marks.

There are different types of stretch marks: from puberty (linked to hormonal changes); of distension (associated with a change in weight or loss thereof); atrophic (because of the stretching and breaking of the fibers) and of gravidity (which has its origin during pregnancy).

How to remove stretch marks

Eliminating stretch marks is very difficult, but it is true that when they are in their first phase they can eliminate or improve their appearance. There are several ways to eliminate stretch marks: using specific cosmetics, with natural remedies or with cabin treatments such as the laser. Next, you have various tricks and treatments to finish or improve stretch marks.

  • Exfóliate daily, you will end up with dead cells.
  • Take hot baths and massage the area you want to treat to activate blood circulation.
  • Use creams that carry retinol-A, it has been proven effective, but you should avoid them if you are pregnant or you nurse your child.
  • You can also grate two carrots and mix them with almond milk. Apply it on the stretch marks for as long as possible.
  • If you prefer another natural treatment to fight stretch marks you can bet on various body oils. For example: for the oil of almonds, rosehip, coconut oil …
  • You can also use specific creams for stretch marks. Of course, with these creams, you must be constant and apply once or twice a day. Pregnant women should use creams for stretch marks created especially for them.
  • But if you are someone who has already tried everything and has not achieved anything, you will always have laser surgery to eliminate stretch marks 100%. In this case, you should go to the dermatologist, he will indicate the most appropriate method for your case, since there are several different treatments.
  • The carboxiterapia with CO2 and therapeutic ends is another method that can help you to blur stretch marks. It is a non-invasive treatment that consists of subcutaneously administering carbon dioxide through small infiltrations in the tissues. This method improves the microcirculation, tone, and elasticity of the skin.
  • Chemical Resurfacing is also another method that is used to remove stretch marks. It is usually combined with a biostimulation without needles with PRX-T33. This treatment helps to exfoliate the skin and level the skin depressions. Improves the elasticity and diffuses the pearly tone of the stretch marks.
    Now you just have to choose the best method to eliminate stretch marks.



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