We Need To Talk About These Rihanna Menstrual Blood Lipsticks


Rihanna Menstrual Blood Lipsticks

rihanna menstrual blood lipsticks

Two weeks ago, Rihanna launched her new collection of Menstrual Blood lipsticks through her brand “Fenty”. In the opportunity, the artist published 14 tones, which she sponsored and used herself in their social networks.

However, one of the colors that has most attracted the attention of his collection called Mattemoiselle is one inspired by menstruation.

This is “PMS” (acronym in English of Premenstrual Syndrome), a tone he showed on his Instagram account and that mixes browns with reds.

“The lipstick is about having fun and expressing your mood at a given moment,” the singer said in a press release, according to El Mundo.

Meanwhile, the new collection of Rihanna adds 14 copies, which cost around 10 thousand Chilean pesos and can be purchased on its website.


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