Rihanna Did Her Own Makeup Funny Video And It’s Actually Stunning – Video


Rihanna Did Her Own Makeup Funny Video And It’s Actually Stunning – Video

rihanna own makeup funny video

If there is something that Rihanna can do naturally. It is to entertain us and now as a beauty entrepreneur, she continues to demonstrate it. The successful singer of 30 years has not stopped promoting her line of makeup Fenty. Now she appears in a clip of 10 minutes video. Where she teaches us how to make up like her.

The video made with the production of the magazine Vogue. Where it carried most recent edition looking like a goddess.

In the video of 10 minutes, we can see how she uses different products of her beauty line as well as fun combinations and comments that without a doubt only with her personality will catch you from beginning to end while you learn the tricks she applies when using makeup.

Recently it announced that Rihanna is working on two discs in parallel, one aimed at nightclubs. Something much more commercial and thought about the masses and another much more experimental.

Where she will try to play not so commercial genres as well as exploit her artistic vein. Although there is still no premiere date or more detail It revealed that one of the musical advances will be a theme with many elements of reggae, a genre that has already exploded in the past and that promises to be his great return.


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