Rihanna Skinny Eyebrows So Bad People Are Panic


Rihanna Skinny Eyebrows So Bad People Are Panic 

rihanna skinny eyebrows

Rihanna, our queen Bad Gal RiRi, has just published her cover for the next British Vogue.

Within the decisions of crazy styling that are usually taken in an editorial of this type, because, well, somehow you have to justify the salary of the world of fashion, one of them has been this:

Skinny eyebrows painted in pencil. Half measures for another. Or all or nothing.

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Rihanna has been planted (or planted) on the cover of Vogue with skinny eyebrows. People panic has spread.

“We can not let the thin eyebrows come back, I do not care if Queen Rihanna tries to subdue us, we have to resist. “

This is something personal, there are people who have been trying to grow their eyebrows back for 15 years.

“Rihanna, no, we’re still trying to fight this eyebrow battle.”

Some have wanted to appeal to reason and say that, although Rihanna does, we do not have to go all behind.

“Let’s not let the eyebrows come back into fashion because Rihanna has some very fine eyebrows on the cover of Vogue, ok? “

The fear that the skinny eyebrows will return to a trend is not unfounded. In recent years, basically, everything that was fashionable during the 90s and early 2000s have returned. Everything, except one thing: the eyebrows of the thread. At least that’s how we called them at my institute.

Fashions are cyclical in general, and it is usual that the new trend is radically opposed to the previous one. We all remember the dramatic change of cigarettes to bells, right? Well, that happened from the 80 to the 90 with the eyebrows.

That is the problem with “fashions” with respect to the eyebrows. Well, it is a problem as long as what we are looking for is to carry what most suits us and what is most practical. Neither the eyebrows of thread are all right, nor do the eyebrows of cm and a half in width and with a gradient that seems drawn to a marker look good on everyone.

His thing (I insist if what we are looking for is to choose what highlights the rest of the features of our face) is that we should be advised by a specialist on the subject and respect its natural form as much as possible. Just what Bella Hadid does, but the fashion publications are so crazy with every little detail that the celebrities do that if the woman does not go with her eyebrows painted as if she had two boomerangs in her face, they already have a little act.

All the options are good, but do not panic, that Rihanna appears with the pencil-painted eyebrows of a Vogue cover does not mean anything more than that: that Rihanna has appeared with the pencil-painted eyebrows of a Vogue cover.

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