Selena Gomez Hair Is The Stunning Shaved Haircut Now


Selena Gomez Hair Is The Stunning Shaved Haircut Now

selena gomez shaved haircut

Selena Gomez has already amazed us with many changes of look. His hair is his favorite tool when playing, from cutting it to the bob style until it is dyed blond.

This time has surprised us again with a risky and very daring bet worthy of Cara Delevingne.

Selena Gomez has shaved her hair! Do not panic, the effect is very subtle.

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Selena Gomez debuted with a daring cut while celebrating her colossal Puma ‘Ignite Flash’ collaboration on Monday at the Nuremberg headquarters of the German sports brand.

The pop star exposed his neck tattoo ‘LXXVI’. It is to be the honor of the birth year of his mother Mandy Teefey (1976).

She has shaved the back of his neck with an undercut. And it feels too good to be true! And yes, she herself has collaborated on Instagram for your delight.

This shaved triangle in back neck of the head could be the new viral trend in haircuts.

It is perfect for those who want to launch with the bravest style as Cara Delevingne, without losing their hair.

A good trick to reduce volume and quantity if you have a lot of hair and it’s hard to tame and control it, do not you think?


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