The Ultimate Smokey Effect Eye Makeup In green Tutorial For Beginners – Video


Learn how to get a smokey effect eye makeup in green tones.

The smokey makeup consists in creating a degraded effect of shades of color, lighter in the tear and arch of the eyebrow and darker in the mobile eyelid and outer end of the eye, a blurred makeup that gives depth to the look.

We show you how to get smokey eyes in green.

Smokey Effect Eye Makeup green

How to get a smokey eye makeup in green

  • Pre-base eyeshadow. It is applied on the eyelid where it is going to put shade. It is applied to make the shadows last longer and achieve a more intense color.
  • Flat brush and green shadow. Apply all over the mobile eyelid by touching and leaving enough products since this look is going to be intense. It includes well flush with the eyelashes so as not to leave gaps without making up.
  • Brush to blur. With a clean brush of looser hair drag the shadow to blur the color up and out of the eye.
  • Beveled cut brush and matte black shade. Flush the top and bottom of the eyelashes with the same brush and shadows.
  • Brush or brush of short and hard hairs, we blur the black shadow to soften the color cut between black and green. Apply a little green shadow by delineating the lower lashes while diffusing the applied black.
  • With a black pencil, we delineate the lower waterline and we also dare a bit with the upper one. This step is essential to frame the eye well inside.
  • Rip tabs tapping on base, center, and ends and apply two layers of black mascara.

Makeup trick :

When we apply many shades and mascaras of dark lashes, pigments often fall on the skin and blur the base of makeup. To avoid these patches you can apply the foundation after painting the eyes or if you’ve already painted can remover the bottom of the eyes with a wet washcloth to remove the fallen pigment. That way you get a cleaner look.

Neutral makeup to highlight smokey eyes

So that the look and the smoked look of the eyes are the protagonists the rest must be a natural makeup. We apply a base of fluid makeup with a skunk brooch, illuminator in the key spots blurring with the fingers, and translucent powders with a powder brush to seal the makeup base.

Apply the rouge with the skunk brush, the pink tones feel very well to the pale skins and peach or salmon tones combine perfectly with the green of the eyes in more brown skins. The final touch is given on the lips with a gloss or soft lip gloss.


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