[Video] Youtube Famous Chrisspy’s Teach Smokey Eye Tutorial It Look Sexy


Youtube Famous Chrisspy’s Teach Smokey Eye Tutorial Make Your Eye Sexy


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Youtube Famous Chrisspy’s explains step by step how to make a Smokey Eyes makeup with a lot of glamors and sophisticated for special occasions. YouTube famous Chrisspy has more than 3.8 million followers.

The smokey eyes (also known as smoked eyes) is a basic makeup that we should all master. It is the perfect look to give your eyes an air of mystery and sensuality, also makes our eyes look bigger.

There are a million techniques to get this amazing makeup, we know … but they say that the simpler the better and that’s why we love Youtube Famous Chrisspy’s technique because in a few steps she gets a perfect look.

We invite you to watch the video and to put this technique into practice so that smokey eyes can dominate.

What do you need?

First for eyes
Black shadow in cream
Matte black shade
Matte brown hat
Black kehel eyeliner
Powder brush
Blur brush


Swell your lashes with great care not to pinch your eyelid.
Apply primer for eyes all over the eyelid.
With a black shadow in cream or crayon, it creates a base in all the almond of the eye and with a brush it diffuses without taking it up to the eyebrow.
With the same brush, trace a soft line to the tip of your eyebrow to tear the eye.
Apply the black matte shadow on with small taps so that the color concentrates on the almond and returns to blur. Help yourself with circular movements.
Apply the brown shade between the cut of the black color and the tone of your skin to achieve the perfect fade.
Line your lower and upper waterline with the black kehel.
With the black shadow, draw a line a little thick flush with your lower lashes to frame the eye.
Gently apply some of the brown shadows below the black line.
Finally, apply mask for eyelashes


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