Everything You Need To Know About Stretch Marks And How To Get Rid Of them


Everything you need to know about stretch marks and how to eliminate them

A detailed guide to the latest treatments to combat these brands that are closely related to diet and weight changes

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They are small footprints on our skin. That can become the great battle of many women – and men suffer too.

If you have lost weight in these months of bikini operation. It can be one of the fact ‘collateral damages’ that you have to face.

Yes, we talk about stretch marks. Those marks that appear on our skin are closely related to your weight loss or gain.

And if you force the skin to stretch and If you think of yourself as a bloated balloon.

As it happens during pregnancy or when you gain a lot of weight. It is causing the appearance of these stripes marks that some people call  ‘ tiger stripes’ (tiger stripes)

Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and lingerie firms like Victoria’s Secret have minimized the stretch marks. So many women prefer to eliminate them.

But … is it possible to erase them completely? And prevent them?

The 3 decisive factors in the appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks can appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin. It associated with an enlarged abdomen during pregnancy.

It can also occur in both men and women. Who has gained weight very quickly or during puberty, at which time the rate of growth soars?

‘They appear when the tissue yields or increases in excess (for example, in sudden changes in weight, pregnancy and hormonal changes). We must also highlight the genetic factor that exists in this condition.”

“Two people with the same weight gain in pregnancy do not break the skin equally, there are more elastic skins that get used to the changes without breaking. ”

It can also intervene in the intake of medications, such as cortisone, or some diseases (diabetes, Cushing’s disease, etc.).

When the collagen and elastin fibers break down, the skin is weakened by this loss of elasticity and becomes susceptible to chronic scarring, and like an old elastic band, they tend to lose their elasticity.

And as we said, many dermatologists believe that hormones can also play a role in affecting the ability of the skin to cope with the sudden and prolonged stretching.

” Stretch Marks are caused by small tears of the tissue that lies just below the skin, caused by the alteration of the elastic fibers. For this reason, its treatment has always been very complicated until the advent of laser technology. ”

The most common locations of stretch marks are the chest, hips, thighs, buttocks,  abdomen. Sometimes even in the back or arms, the areas most prone to volume changes.

Can all types of stretch marks be removed?

The stretch marks appear in the form of parallel lines of reddish, shiny and thin skin that over time become whitish and scar-like.

They can be slightly deep and have a different texture than normal skin. And is that the breakage of the fibers of the skin causes fine white or red scars that become even more unsightly in summer, with the sun.

Of course, keep in mind that stretch marks undergo two differentiated phases:

Reddish: They are the recent appearance. They have a reddish, bright tone, are raised, as inflamed, and sometimes accompanied by bruising and dilation of blood vessels.

The reddish color of the skin means that there is still blood flow, and as this watering decreases, tonality also decreases.

“The Reds have a better prognosis since at the beginning of the appearance of the lesion they have a purplish color, in which case it is possible to reduce the lesion until it almost disappears.”

White: Those that have reached maturity. If not treated in time, the red ends become white scars.

The lack of blood supply and the decrease in elasticity and collagen cause the skin to deteriorate; they are also shown as sunken (unlike red ones, with relief).

They are the most difficult to treat and what we can achieve is to reduce the scar.

Hydration, diet and exercise, three basic factors to prevent them

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Prevention is always better, instead of applying remedies to try to diminish the visible effects of stretch marks on the skin.

That is why we must attack the problem very seriously before the effects are manifest. Therefore, we must try to maintain an appropriate weight, extreme hydration of the skin to preserve its elasticity and incorporate physical exercise into our daily routine to maintain muscle tone.

Prevention is preferable to healing, since stretch marks are one of the most complex pathologies to treat, although new treatments continue to appear.

“Prevention is the most important thing to avoid the appearance of stretch marks,” explains Dr. Adriana Ribé. Who tells us that to prevent them it is essential to apply moisturizer and/or oils in the morning and at night in the entire skin.

As well as specific cosmetics for stretch marks before going to sleep, performing a gentle massage for its proper absorption.

In addition, you must avoid abrupt weight changes, do it in a controlled manner with a healthy diet that allows you to lose weight gradually.

And, yes, go to the specialist when they begin to appear the first stretch marks, since the longer it takes the harder it will be to eliminate them.

“Of course, if there is a genetic factor of the skin ‘not elastic’, prevention is complicated, but whenever we use products that work from the inside at the cellular level, as is the case of Matriskin, our prevention will be greater,”

What treatments can help you eliminate them?

Once the rupture in the connective tissue appears, the total elimination is complicated today. The objective of the treatment to a recovery of the area and the lateral care.

To keep the skin hydrated, elastic and reaffirmed and, thus, improve its appearance. Although it is not easy. Apart from the specific cosmetics treatment, it deals with this problem.

The most recent time treatment is fractional radio frequencies, fractionated laser, medical roller, shock waves, deep peels with Phenol or carboxytherapy.

Fractional radiofrequency treatment allows us to perform effective, simple, long-lasting and without side effects.

Carboxytherapy treatment to retracting the scar and favoring the formation of new dermal tissue.

Stretch Marks is almost completely eliminated. Even in the most complicated cases in which it presents a whitish appearance (older Stretch Marks).

The treatment continues with infiltrations of calcium hydroxyapatite that return the strength and thickness lost to the skin.

These are small infiltrations of carbon dioxide through the dermis. It is a sterile gas, without side effects.

This technique is to revitalize the skin by increasing oxygenation, as well as activating the fibroblasts, thus producing more collagen?


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