Tribal Makeup Is The Hottest Halloween Trend On Instagram


This is the new trend of makeup that is revolutionizing Halloween party looks Instagram.

tribal makeup halloween

The ethnic makeup is a trend that is imposed for this fall season by the users of Instagram. This look is striking, therefore, it is ideal for a Halloween party.

We tell you a little more about this new style and how you can apply it so that you look beautiful in the Halloween party you go to.


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The makeup ethnic also known as tribal is one of the most commonly used by young people attending music events. This style is inspired by African tribes, where they used this art to decorate their face and body.

This is easy to do, just keep in mind the areas that you have to highlight. The important thing in this type of makeup is that you let your imagination fly.



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These should be well combed, without plucking and painted, to achieve a natural look.

What you can do is draw small points of a single color or several to the outline of your eyebrows. Another option is to delineate different types of figures as if this were a mask.



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In this case, we recommend you use beauty products in neutral or nude tones that resemble your lip color. Here the gloss or the gloss does not apply, but the matte lipsticks.

The idea is to make your lips look as natural as possible.



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As for the eyes, you should use the first moisturizer so that the color you apply adheres well and matches the tone of your skin.

Shadows should be applied in the form of an eye mask or mask, while the shades to be used will depend on the style you want to create.

We recommend the earth tones in case you want to create a mask, but if you only want to paint the eyelids, you can choose strong or neon tones.

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