Eye-Catching Watermelon Nail Art Design- Video


Watermelon nail art design for this summer

watermelon nail art design video

Painting your nails has never been so fun. Today we can find many designs for nails, which are perfect for different times and occasions and make fun. In this case, we will see some watermelon nail art design video. A design that is really fun to add to our nails in summer.

A manicure does not have to be classic or boring. There are many ways to make it creative and fun. The watermelon nails are easy to make and they are a fresh design. Because this is a fruit that reminds us of a lot of the summer season.

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The nail designs can be ideal for day to day, to have a very informal style. They can be used on them from the pink tones to the red and green tones.

Watermelon Nail Art Design- Video

Prepare your hands

The hands should be prepared to perform the manicure since they have to be in the best possible conditions. If we are going to do the manicure at our house. It is important to have the right tools.

The hands should always be hydrated. But the day before what we can do is use a moisturizer at night and sleep with cotton gloves. We will have fully hydrated hands to get the best manicure.

The cuticles are an important part of a manicure. It should be always taken care of because if they are ignored they spoil even the best manicure. In this case, we have to cuticles hydrated them.


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The natural oils are ideal to soften a little these cuticles and remove them much better. They should never be cut because they are the protection against nail infections. So they are essential.

The nails should be cut and filed according to the shape we want. Although they should not be too short for this design or it will be much harder to make those watermelons.

Currently, both the elongated and square nails are worn. We just have to use the design that we like the most.

How to make watermelon nails


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There are many different designs for these watermelon nails. But almost all of them match some tones that we are going to have to use. The black tones for the pips, the red or pink for the pulp and the green for the outer zone. The green can have several shades, to create the light green stripe that has some watermelons.

It is also necessary to have a punch or a stick to make the pips. Which are small and will be a bit difficult. With a top coat and a base coat. We will protect the design and the nails so that they last us much longer. The idea is to use red in some nails and green in others, to create a design that is varied and fun.


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If we have a pulse we can create small watermelons on our nails, although this is done with small brushes. These special brushes for nails and nail art allow us to make small drawings with much more precision.  Anyway, if we are not able to do them.

We will have to ask someone who can draw to do them. This is the most difficult design we can find. So if we can do it, then we will be nail art experts.


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If you want a softer design, you can use the color light pink instead of red. Since the watermelons have a tone between red and pink that allows many ideas.

The pink color is not so usual. But if we use a light green we will have watermelon nails in beautiful pastel shades much softer. Because this design usually has strong tones.

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