yummy Ice Cream Nails That Scream Summer


yummy Ice Cream Nails That Scream Summer

ice cream nails

A cone or a stiletto? Ice cream is the trademark of the summer and it “comes out” in your nails.

if the summer tasted, then, mine would bring something of ice cream and peanut chocolate. In a cone, stiletto or cup is in almost every summer memory.

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We will not recall the old ones, but we will focus on ice creams, and more specifically on #icecreamnails, manicure with ice creams. Why it is summer and why we can. I will not tell you how it fits into every look but I can assure you that it perfectly matches the look of your holiday. Below, we gathered 9 perfect ideas to find the inspiration you are looking for.


Clear love in the cone

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With a playful mood

Perseverance with the stiletto

Ice cream and peanuts

Play with the shades at the base of your nails

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Vintage mood

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Distinctive and delicious

For less daring

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