Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour You’ll Want To Get Tickets To ASAP


Ariana Grande after the break with Pete Davidson, reveals dates of his Sweetener World Tour

Ariana Grande Sweetener World Tour

The American singer Ariana Grande freaked out her fans due to a post. She made on her Twitter account referring to her concert tour that will be very soon.

The famous interpreter of ‘God is a woman‘, shared the photographs of the dates of her upcoming tour ‘Sweetener World Tour’.

The young singer Ariana Grande after the terrible tragedy of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who died because of drugs, during that news was very shocking for the famous.

Due to the death of the rapper. She decided to leave for a while of the scenarios because what happened to his ex-partner affected him too much.


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Ariana Grande had a relationship with Pete Davidson, both had planned to reach the altar. It seems that the celebrities had problems and decided to end their love.

The famous singer Ariana Grande shared in her social account the dates of her next tour Sweetener World Tour

She shared a series of photographs revealing the dates of her upcoming concerts that will begin next year in the month of March, lasting approximately four months in the United States and Canada.

Ariana Grande confirmed that her tour will begin in 2019 at the ‘Times Union Center’, Albany, New York, and this news have thrilled all her loyal fans.


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The sexy singer Ariana Grande will also perform in Ohio, Columbus. She will reach several of the most important cities in the United States. As well as in Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver in Canada.

The “Sweetener World Tour,” in support of Grande’s latest album of the same name, comes at a time when the singer said she is emotionally ready to get back on the road.

In May 2017, 22 people were killed in a bombing after her Manchester Arena concert. Grande has said she’s had more issues with her anxiety since the attack.

“Sweetener” is her first album since the bombing. Ariana Grande, 25, has decided to return to the stage and promote her new music.

Comedian Pete Davidson made strong revelations of his breakup with Ariana Grande.


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