Beyoncé’s Long-Ass Braid Returns On The Run II Tour


Beyoncé’s Long-Ass Braid Returns On The Run II Tour

beyonce long ass braid

Our queen Beyoncé in the concert that she gave on July 30 in Philadelphia, she wore a super cool hairstyle with a high and very long hair, and according to the Refinery29.

Bey stole the whole stage with her incredible presentation, the braid did not make it difficult at all so that he could do his incredible dances as always.

The queen used a long ass braid in one of her tour concerts and surprised everyone.

The concert was one of those on her tour On The Run II, and the singer surprised many with how she moved her hair from one side to the other, back and forth, very easily and without being hit by the giant braid, JAJA that even seemed to defy gravity, because their movements were perfect.

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Neal Farinah was the stylist in charge of the incredible braid of Bey. Many photos and videos of the queen were published by the fans. Who was present at the concert, and a shower of comments from the fans arrived. They said they could not believe what they could do with this long ass braid. Which only added a touch of sensuality to the singer, who is quite a muse.

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In fact, they say that at one point of the show. The braids get stuck in one of her earrings, and Beyoncé, as always very calm. She was trying to remove her for about 5 minutes, without interrupting the concert. Undoubtedly Beyoncé is one of the singers most incredible in the world. She is able to sing and dance super good at the same time, and in this last concert, this was more than proven.


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