Beyonce and Taylor Swift Disappear From The Covers Of Their Own Albums


Rosalía, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift disappeared from the covers of their albums

An Iranian streaming music website eliminates all singers from their own covers. A symptom of women’s free expression restrictions, as reflected in Islamic law

Hundreds of furious fans have raised their voices on Twitter on Wednesday. When they learn that the Iranian music streaming website.

Melovaz has digitally retouched the covers of their favorite female singers. Making these women disappear completely from the covers of their own albums and ‘singles’. Rosalia, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey or Billie Eilish are some of the harmed.

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If you get bored you can take a look at this Iranian streaming website in which all the covers on which a woman appears as if they did not even exist have been censored. The user @IzzRaifHarz has written on his Twitter account.

one of the first to notice the censorship of the Iranian portal and spread the word. “Find your favorite singer and see how their covers have completely changed,” he added.

The website, which has a format similar to that of the Swedish company Spotify. It is presented as a portal that has been trying to provide an ideal and suitable environment for those interested in publishing exclusive and high-quality works that are presented for the first time in Iran.

”and whose objective is“ to create a specialized reference for the music of the United Nations ”; but it seems that in this “ideal environment” women have no place.

A simple glance at the home page confirms it. All the albums and ‘playlists’ that are promoted on the cover are of men. While if any of them have made a collaboration with a woman, it has been removed.

In the case of Bruno Mars, who has stayed with two candles in his single ‘Please me’, where Cardi B originally appears. Bradley Cooper, who in the image of the soundtrack of ‘A Star is Born’ no longer looks at Lady Gaga.

Beyonce, Taylor Swift disappeared covers own albums Beyonce, Taylor Swift disappeared covers own albums

Beyonce, Taylor Swift disappeared covers own albums
Beyonce, Taylor Swift disappeared covers own albums
Beyonce, Taylor Swift disappeared covers own albums

These tweaks, some of them not very subtle and quite bungling. Reveal the great discrimination that women continue to suffer in Iran. Especially in the world of music.

Beginning with the 1979 Revolution. Singers severely restricted under Islamic law. Also, the traditional priest continues to maintain the belief that female songs have the potential to cause immoral, sensual.

One of the first artist’s rappers Iggy Azalea to show his opinion on a sharp tweet. “It’s quite ironic that they do this because in all my songs. There is a reference to the vaginas. So I’m not sure who has won,” she has published on his profile.

But women have not been the only ones to fade away. On the cover of the album ‘Ginger’, by Brockhampton. Two men were hugging each other who do not appear on the portal of Melovaz.

A fact that is not surprising given that in Iran homosexuality is a crime. This crime is punishable by death or with 74 beats in case people who commit sodomy.

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