The Bishop Harassed Ariana Grande At The Funeral Of Aretha Franklin


Bishop Harassed Ariana Grande

The funeral of singer Aretha Franklin, who died Aug 16 from pancreatic cancer, was held in Detroit on Friday. Ariana Grande was one of those who paid tribute to Aretha in the event. But after singing. She was groped. That generated a revolt among the fans.

Ariana sang Natural Woman and then went to the front of the coffin. The Pastor Charles Ellis III commented on his presentation. The pastor took the opportunity to hug the singer and touch her breasts, which is visibly uncomfortable. Quickly, pastor reaches up to the side of her breasts and feels them.

Bishop Harassed Ariana Grande

Although the star has not commented on anything about this moment so uncomfortable. However, in social networks.

Bishop Harassed Ariana Grande

It immediately became a trend with the hashtag #RespectAriana due to what happened. in general. It showed revolt with the sexual harassment. Watch below:

“He’s a pastor, in a church, at a funeral, with a celebrity. Now imagine when he’s talking to a woman privately, giving advice and help,” an American Web surfer commented.

Here are some of the Internet users’ reactions:

bishop apologized in an interview with the Associated Press.

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