Creator of “Harry Potter” Publishes A New Children’s Book Is Back!


Creator of "Harry Potter" Publishes A New Children's Book

JK Rowling, creator of the iconic “Harry Potter” saga, surprised by publishing a new children’s book titled “The Ickabog”

” Harry Potter ” creator JK Rowling surprised her return to literature with the publication of a new children’s book titled ” The Ickabog,” a fairy tale that will be available on the writer’s website to June 10.

Covered of 34 chapters, this new work by JK Rowling will be released in an orderly way to one chapter per day, or at least this was announced by the same writer through her social networks, where she also pointed out that this story is aimed at children from 7 to 9 years old. , but that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Also, the writer mentioned that “The Ickabog” is a fairy tale set in an imaginary country, but that is not related to any of her previous works, but it is a completely new and different story.


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It is part of what can be seen in the first chapter of this work by JK Rowling that marks his return to children’s literature. Where the writer later mentions that the Ickabog legend had been passed down for generations and spread by word of mouth.

And as usually happens with all legends, this one changed depending on who told it. However, all versions agreed that it is a monster that lived in the northernmost part of the country, which was said to eat children and sheep.

Creator of “Harry Potter” publishes a new children’s book

The first two chapters of this story that are already available for reading explain that the habits and appearance of the Ickabog changed depending on the person who described it, some did it as a snake, others as a dragon or wolf. Some also said that it roared, others that it whistled, and others that it moved silently over the swamp.

It is worth mentioning that JK Rowling revealed that the idea for this text arose while writing the Harry Potter stories, she even mentioned that his intention was to publish this book after “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

However, the writer wanted to take a break from children’s books so “The Ickabog” was waiting to be told for almost a decade.

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Creator of "Harry Potter" Publishes A New Children's Book
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Creator of "Harry Potter" Publishes A New Children's Book
JK Rowling, creator of the iconic "Harry Potter" saga, surprised by publishing a new children's book titled "The Ickabog"
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