Demi Lovato Asked Instagram To Stop Harmful Ads On Their Feed


Demi Lovato sends a blunt message for Instagram advertising

Demi Lovato Asked Instagram To Stop Harmful Ads

After some months in rehabilitation and detoxification. The singer returned to the public eye with a new boyfriend and some purposes. Recently, Lovato asked Instagram to remove discriminatory advertising.

For Demi Lovato 2019 is a new beginning in every way. After spending the New Year in Aspen with her new boyfriend, Henry Levy. The interpreter of “Neon Lights” pronounced on Instagram after seeing the publicity of the game called “Game of Sultans”. Which compared two characters, one of they under the term “obese” and the other “pretty”.

After seeing the ad, Lovato took screenshots and made clear his point of view on Instagram claiming that there are many errors in the message they are sending, which can affect young people who see it.

Demi Lovato Asked Instagram To Stop Harmful Ads

The singer pointed out that this warning is a “double-edged” weapon for those people who have some type of eating disorder, especially when everything is about “control”.

“This is absolutely harmful to anyone who is easily influenced by social pressures, which impose a diet to lose weight constantly. In a world that teaches us to equate our value with the way, we see ourselves. It is harmful, especially for anyone suffering from an eating disorder, “. Explained Demi Lovato.


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Therefore, the pop star clarified that anyone can be beautiful regardless of their weight and asked Instagram that this type of “unpleasant” advertising is removed from their news.

Also invoked to review what they allow in their application and invited them to be more aware of mental health.


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