Demi Lovato Just Broke The Silence After Her Overdose


Demi Lovato Just Broke The Silence After Her Overdose

Demi Lovato Broke Silence Overdose

Two weeks after Demi Lovato appeared in her unconscious room as a result of an overdose. The singer wrote to her followers to thank them and let them know that she is recovering. Although ” now I need time to heal and focus on my sobriety and on the way to recovery.”

“I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet.” she posted in his account. on Instagram on Sunday, August 5, around 5:00 in the afternoon.

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“I want to thank God for keeping me alive and well.” To my fans. I will always be grateful for all the love and support I received during the past week. Your positive thoughts and prayers helped me navigate during these difficult times “, added the ‘ Sorry Not Sorry ‘ interpreter.

The news released on Tuesday, July 24, and exploded internet. The singer Demi Lovato, after almost a decade of struggle against her addictions and after celebrating six years of sobriety. She was found unconscious in her home due to an apparent overdose. Although it has not transcended exactly the substance (or substances) that it consumed. From there she was transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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Demi Lovato Broke Silence Overdose

“I want to thank my family and my team, the staff at Cedars-Sinai, who has been by my side all the time, without them. I would not be here writing this letter to all of you,”  said the star. who according to sources She had been in the “danger zone” for weeks and kept his friends very worried.

“Love you all have shown me will never be forgotten and I look forward to the day. I can say I’m on the other side,”  said Lovato. Who in 15 days will meet its 20 years, and concluded with “keep fighting”.

It is still unknown. If she will go directly to a rehabilitation center after leaving the hospital. But the reports point to that possibility as the most likely.

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