Donald Trump Meet Kim Kardashian . Why?


Donald Trump Meet Kim Kardashian. Why?

Donald Trump Meet Kim Kardashian Why

Although Kim Kardashian has undressed on Instagram to sell her perfumes and has been in constant scandals, this time she will use her popularity for something different. The businesswoman got a meeting with the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to ask for the pardon of an Alice Marie Johnson who is serving a life sentence.

Donald Trump Meet Kim Kardashian Why

Alice Marie Johnson is currently 62 years old, has served 21 years in jail on drug trafficking charges without violence and would be imprisoned without parole because it is a federal crime. The woman has had exemplary behavior in prison and does not represent a danger to society according to the testimonies of those who ask for her release.

Kim Try To Pardon Alice Marie Johnson Case

Kim Kardashian and his lawyer Shaw Holley are having secret negotiations for some months now with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, to discuss the possibility of granting the presidential pardon to Alice Marie Johnson.

The meeting between Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump will take place this Wednesday, according to the magazine Vanity Fair.

The life of this woman came to Kim Kardashian through Twitter at the beginning of the year and it seemed unfair that she was the only one who was not given the presidential pardon extended by Barack Obama during the last months of his term.

The case had gone viral last year and caught the attention of Kim Kardashian. She pays the attorneys’ fees to see their situation and even motivated her to campaign for her release.

Kim Kardashian gave an interview. which she said: “I want to explain to you that, like everyone else, we make decisions that we are not proud of and do not think about.”

whether she is guilty or not, the case of Alice Marie Johnson case widely debated in the United States. Since the non-granting of a pardon to facilitate. The reintegration of those who at some point forced to traffic in drugs. Something unfair to many people, including Kim Kardashian.

Donald Trump already signed two media pardons and this may not be the exception in this case.


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