Happy Birthday: 10 Things All Fans Should Know Emma Watson! Life – video


Happy Birthday, Beast Queen Emma Watson!

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson
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Emma Watson is one of our favorite actresses and since we saw her as Hermione Granger, she proved that she is an incredible role model, more now with the campaign ‘He for she’; that’s why we wish you a nice birthday!

Today, April 15, Emma Watson turns 28, can you believe it? And although we have known her since she was a little girl, we have always loved her roles, but above all, the great example she gives us as a woman and as a person; that’s why we made this special about curious facts that you probably did not know about her.

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1- One of the things we love most about Emma is her English accent and although most people think she is English, the truth is that she was born in France on April 15, 1990. After her parents divorced when she was only 5 years old, she returned with his mother and his brother to England.

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

2- She has a younger brother named Alexander Watson, who although he is not a professional actor appeared as an extra in the first Harry Potter films, always goes with Emma to the premieres of his films and has also modeled with Emma for brands like Burberry. They are super close (and handsome)!

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

3- Although Emma loved the art and theater classes she had, she never studied acting and it was her theater teacher who suggested that she do the casting for Hermione. After 8 auditions she finally stayed and did it with the full support of JK Rowling, who fell in love with her for the character from the first time he saw her. Can you imagine someone else like Hermione?

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

4- Many rumors say that when Emma was in college, her classmates made fun of her and every time she raised her hand they said, “10 more points for Gryffindor. ” Emma has always denied these rumors and even if they were true, Can you imagine what a great honor to take the class with an actress who plays one of your favorite characters of a lifetime? Emma graduated last year from Brown University.

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

5 – Emma practically grew along with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, that made them always see them as brothers and they were incredible; although in the first Harry Potter movie she had a super crush with Tom Felton’s candy (Draco Malfoy). I thought he was a very handsome boy and a little rebellious. Nobody is to blame for thinking that!

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

6- After having finished recording the last Harry Potter movie, Emma wanted a small change in her life, so she decided to cut her hair in a radical way and make the famous pixie cut that looked amazing, although that decision took her like three weeks in carrying it out.

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

7- The author of the book “The advantages of being invisible” has said several times that he always knew that Emma was the right one for the role of Sam since she saw the actress on the scene after the Christmas dance of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire”, where Hermione cries on the stairs because Ron did not invite her to the dance, do you remember her?

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

8- Pretty soon we’ll see her in the role of Bella in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast”, but previously we’ve seen Emma Watson playing a princess in “Despereaux: a little great hero” where she gives voice and life to Princess Pea.

Happy Birthday, Emma Watson

9- At first the director of ” Bling Ring”, Sofia Coppola, did not want Emma to have the role of Niki because it was the story of children trying to achieve fame and Emma was already very famous, although our role model managed to convince her in an audition and had an incredible transformation for the role. Wow!

10- In addition to being a wonderful actress and person, Emma Watson has proven to be one of the best role models of our time, as she is always supporting women and has declared herself a feminist. How can we forget the incredible speech she gave at the UN? Up the #GirlPower! and also powerful speech for women’s rights watch this video

For that and more, we wish you an amazing birthday. We love you, Happy Birthday, Emma Watson


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