Here’s Everything We Know About Met Gala 2018


Here’s Everything We Know About Met Gala 2018

Here’s Everything We Know About Met Gala 2018. Today is a big day. The Metropolitan Museum of New York opens doors to host one of the most mediatic red carpets of the moment. Under the motto Celestial bodies: fashion and the Catholic imagination. The celebrities and designers will parade through the red carpet most followed by New York. What do we already know so far?

The hosts :

This year, they will assume that role Amal Clooney, Rihanna and Donatella Versace. It is not at all casual that there are three women to demonstrate that, in the middle of the era of female empowerment, they are finally taking control.

The objective

Everything We Know About Met Gala 2018

Do not forget that behind the MET gala there is a goal, to raise funds for The Costume Institute. Since 1995, when this Gala was created, this has been its goal. That is why you can expect to pay more than $ 30,000 per ticket.

Will there be controversy?

The fact that the guests must follow the dress code of the exhibition, in this case, religion, makes us see that we may be facing one of the most controversial red carpets of the season. We will have to wait until dawn to know how the guests will faithfully interpret the theme of the gala.

And after the red carpet?

After passing through the red carpet, guests can contemplate the exhibition and then go to dinner. Like every edition, it is always enlivened by an action that, for the moment, has not transcended.

About the exhibition

This year, we want to show how the Catholic imaginary has inspired designers and trends throughout history. “The exhibition is about designers who interact with the Catholic imaginary, symbolism, and iconography, but on a much deeper level, it is about how being raised Catholic molds the creative impulses of a designer,” says Andrew Bolton, the curator of this sample. This year, the expo arises as a result of an agreement with the Vatican that yields about 50 garments preserved in the Holy See.

Who will go with whom

It is tradition, in this gala, that celebrities are accompanied by the designer who saw them. This fact has left us iconic images in the history of fashion, such as Sarah Jessica Parker on the arm of Alexander McQueen. This year, at the moment, the election of any celeb has not transcended. We must wait, therefore, for the red carpet to know all the details.

A red carpet with personality

What is clear is that the red carpet of the Oscars has become a much more conservative bet, while in the MET the celebrities waste imagination and desire to give a show. Among all of them, Sarah Jessica Parker has already turned her appearance into a moment to shine with her own light. As every year, your look is expected to be one of the most viral.


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