How To Save Money At Disney world During This Summer


How To Save Money At Disney world During This Summer


Summer in the United States is synonymous with family vacations in amusement parks, whether they are mechanical or aquatic.

These are trips that in many cases involve travel, lodging, meals on the outside, tickets and cravings. Good planning helps keep travel costs at reasonable prices but not limited to the much sought after fun.

Discounts on tickets

Tickets are often the “big hit” of trips to Disney parks and others. The average is between $ 55 and $ 100 per person per day. Residents in Florida and California could lower costs if they buy annual passes (about $ 500 per person), but they must be committed to visiting several times a year.

It is difficult to find discounts for tickets to Disney or Universal parks. What is common is that scammers appear so it is recommended that you never buy tickets on eBay or Craigslist.

Disney offers discounts if you visit parks for several days. For example, if you go for five days, the daily cost would be $ 79 instead of $ 104.

As for the water parks, visit sites like Groupon to get discounts. Many times you save up to 20%.

For lovers of vertigo, SixFlags has discounts throughout the year if you buy online. Visit the official site to know the offers.

Hotels and car rental

If the idea is to visit multiple parks for several days, it is recommended that you stay in the surroundings instead of those within the theme parks. Look for offers on sites like Expedia,, and Groupon. The same with car rental.

Full-time employees must visit their benefits because many companies have alliances with airlines and car rental services.

Another accommodation option is Airbnb. There are people who rent whole houses and apartments. This helps you save because you can cook. Many times a whole house is rented for half of what three hotel rooms are worth.

Air tickets

If you plan months in advance you can get good airfares if it is your means of transport. Sites such as CheapTickets and Expedia offer ticket packages, hotels, and car rentals.

Food and souvenirs

The most advisable thing is not to eat in the restaurants of the parks since they are the most expensive. You can choose to bring sandwiches to parks or eat in restaurants outside of them.

The rule of thumb is to never buy in the parks what you can buy outside. It is recommended to take pills for a headache, sunblock, and water before entering the parks.

As for the cute dolls that kids love so much: you can get them at Walmart, Target and the souvenir shops.

It is a matter of planning and discipline before temptations. Enjoy your holidays.


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