Khloe Kardashian Powerful Reason To Forgive Cheater Tristan Thompson


Khloe Kardashian Forgive Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian Powerful Reason To Forgive Cheater Tristan Thompson

The scandal that engulfed Tristan Thompson after being unfaithful to Khloé Kardashian just days before she gave birth to his daughter, was enough reason for everyone to take for granted that the relationship between the two ended.

Many assured that the delivery of Khloé was advanced due to the discomfort and regret he felt upon hearing, different videos and photographs leaked and everyone expected the reaction of the pregnant woman who ended up giving birth prematurely.

New sources have confirmed to the People Magazine what were the conditions of both to continue their relationship.

Now, new reports have confirmed to People Magazine the reason why both are still together, after the scandal. In recent weeks they have already been seen in public places, leaving more than clear that they are still a couple.

It has been close sources who have confirmed that Khloé did not leave Tristan because he does not want to give up his dream of having a family,so he has decided to forgive him and give him a chance to be a father present in the life of True, the little girl with just under a month old.

Tristan apparently wanted his infidelities to be known and that is why he was not more careful to hide it, he wanted to end that vicious cycle and after Khloé’s forgiveness.

He promised to follow a series of rules so that it would not happen again. Tristan and Khloé now live together again in the mansion that they already shared since 2017.


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