People Are Shouting At Kim Kardashian For Dirty Bikini Thong


Kim Kardashian Bikini Thong

Kim Kardashian shook Florida like a media hurricane. The most famous of the Kardashian clan – Jenner has spent a few days in Miami and every step she took became an event, but without a doubt, the most talked about were her photos wearing a tiny thong on the beach.

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The 37-year-old businesswoman wore a neon pink thong that only covered the most essential.

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At the top, she wore a white shirt and nothing else.

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Photographers and tourists were left with an “open mouth” before the impressive curves of Kim.

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His photographer did not miss the ride detail.

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In social networks, many followers did not like the daring of Kanye West’s wife and shouting her harshly.

“What a dirty thong”, “The downside of this is that many girls see her as an idol and I think she is far from it, a little woman does not degrade herself so much,” “Horror of that vulgar woman”, “It seems like an ostrich “,” Guácala, that body does not have the same proportions, it lacks on one side and it’s on the other “.

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