Kim Kardashian: Whenever She Dressed… She Looks Naked


Kim Kardashian: Whenever She Dressed… She Looks Naked

kim kardashian dressed naked

Kim Kardashian has never been shy to show her body, this time she showed her fabulous figure in a photo she posted on her Instagram account on Saturday. Wearing what appeared to be a transparent and shiny dress, the 37-year-old businesswoman was walking through a parking lot in the image.

Kim’s long dark tufts fell in waves on her shoulders as she went without a bra with a beige raincoat. The reality show star seemed to be wearing only a pair of white underwear under her only garment. Kim did not limit her sexy exchange to Instagram, as she also sent a sexy clip to Snapchat.

Adding a filter with nice pink ears and a small pink nose, Kanye West’s wife seemed to be lying in her bed with a white top showing her cleavage. She wore a bright pink lipstick while her hair was pressed against the back of her head and her pillow. It would not be a big surprise if she needed a little rest since she’s been celebrating in Wyoming since Thursday night when her husband released his new album.


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