Kim Kardashian Earns $1 Million In Just 60 secs


Kim Kardashian Earns $1 Million In Just 60 secs

kim kardashian earns 1 million in just 60 secs

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian launched her new line of perfumes within her brand KKW Fragrances.

The new batch of products after the Crystal Gardenia , the Kimoji Hearts and the packaging is the body of the ‘celeb’ (KKW BODY), are called (again) Kimoji.

It is about three perfumes inspired by the WhatsApp emoticons: Kimoji Peach, Kimoji Cherry and Kimoji Vibes, which arrive in this summer to exhaust stocks.

At the time of launching on sale on its website , after five minutes, the ‘celeb’ came to pocket six million dollars. Yes, yes, you read correctly. Each bottle of his new line is 50 mL and has a price of 45 dollars (about 39 euros).

The most surprising thing of all is that Kim has not invested a penny in advertising to launch his new products. She promote Buttocks with Products on the social media.

It was enough to upload photos at the beginning of July to the KKW FRAGRANCES account to create ‘hype’ on social media. To hang images beautiful with small decorative and writing their products descriptions and then use some animated. A photo in bikini with the perfume Kimoji Peach.

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Here’s How Kim Kardashian Earns $1 Million In Just 60 secs

The Kim Kardashian knows social networks firsthand. Another strategies is to send one of her perfumes to different influential people in the ‘social media’ world. To her closest circle, like her sister Kylie Jenner. The actress Drew Barrymore or model Winnie Harlow .

However Kim Kardashian Having Problems With One Of The Products

However, one of them, Kimoji Vibes , is giving some headache to the reality star ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ which opens its 15th season in very little. What has Kim done? According to the company Vibes Media, company that offers products and services of mobile marketing, has plagiarized its logo to create the perfume with the most original form of the three.

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According to the newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ , Vibes Media, based in Chicago.  They request a court order to stop selling the product. So that all that have not yet been sold can be destroyed by plagiarizing the registered logo of the company.

This line is another success in his career. It’s already raised millions, but this time not everything has gone perfectly. Watch what happens with this matter. if you have not yet done with your favorite do not wait longer. It looks like they will run out when you least expect it.


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