Kit Harrington Cruel Joke Almost Kills From A Heart Attack To Rose Leslie


But there has certainly been a notion that we have not lost faith in humanity at all.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, the cutest couple in history, are living together and have made public their commitment.

Jon Snow and Ygritte are getting married, and now we can all believe in love.

Kit and Rose have a wonderful relationship and there is no doubt that they laugh a lot together.


Although it seems that they have not always shared their concept of humor. According to Kit explained in the show of Jonathan Ross, the last April Fools (Day of the Innocents in the Anglo-Saxon world) decided to spend a joke to Rose. And the thing did not go too well.

“My family celebrates the day of the innocent, their family does not celebrate the day of the innocent, I did not know the date and he started to cry, and I was behind saying ‘Happy April Fool’.


Of course, you have to value the gesture of supporting the jug of water on the counter before falling to the ground, this girl has class until when you are struck by the scare of her life.

Harington left a hyperrealist head inside the refrigerator that looked stolen from the Throne Game set and, of course, poor Leslie did not give her a miracle.

“He basically told me that if I did something like that again, that’s over, and I think that included marriage.”


This is where we’re crossing our fingers because Rose makes a joke of revenge next year because it sure will be epic.


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