Nicki Minaj Sent “Sexual” Texting To Kim Kardashian?


Nicki Minaj sent “sexual” Proposal to Kim Kardashian?

Nicki Minaj sexual

A day ago the influencer and Kim Kardashian uploaded to Instagram a photo with a suggestive vintage swimsuit by Chanel, with which she altered and thrilled her followers since in just a few minutes she reached countless likes.

It is not the first time that the star of American television and world influencer, Kim Kardashian uploads a photo of this style. She has always been characterized by burning social networks with selfies where she presumes his sculptural body.


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It is worth mentioning that his Instagram account has become the best showcase to sell his brand and his family’s; uploading all kinds of extravagant images as of the products that they consume and promote through social networks.

In the most recent nude that Kim Kardashian has shared, you can see an image of her body, without showing her head, with a tiny black bikini of the Chanel brand, which hints at her attributes and with which she seems to be delighted by his comment. ” Chanel Vintage, let’s be specific, please. ”

Among the 3,749,509 I like you and more than 34,000 comments have surprised two, in particular, the first is the Spanish presenter Tania Llasera and the explicitly sexual comment of rapper Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Sexual Texting

This last one, texting Nicki Minaj, is the most suggestive message: she has used three emoticons, the kitten with eyes of a heart, a provocative tongue and a few drops of water that could be understood as some supposed sexual proposal in front of such a burning image.


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If we remember, in 2016. Minaj made a statement to the magazine Marie Claire, directly attacking the couple. Criticizing the way in which Kanye represents the relationship between men and women of color. Since it affirmed verbatim.

“I’m so married that black women feel that when their men get rich, they’re going to leave them for a woman of a different race”


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“It was not funny when Kanye said [in Gold Digger], When he gets it, he’ll leave your butt for a white girl,” and now Kanye is with a white girl It was not funny when he said it, it was the jo ** da true”


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