These photograph is proof that Blue Ivy is the Beyonce clone


The apple under the apple will fall, “says the phrase, and despite the constant remarks that Blue Ivy has a huge resemblance to her father, Jay Z, her grandmother, Tina Knowles Lawson, has proof that the 5-year-old is a small Beyonce.

Knowles Lawson, the mother of the superstars, Beyonce and Solange, uploaded a kid photo of her older daughter at Instagram yesterday. We think it’s actually Beyonce – you could easily mess with Blue Ivy at first glance. Knowles Lawson -who have to note that she looks so terrible with her 36-year-old daughter- could only tell the similarity between mom and daughter.

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In the photo, little Beyonce sits smiling in a chair as long as Toni (as Knowles Lawson wrote) knits her hair.


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For the sake of comparison, take a photo of Blue Ivy raised by her grandmother earlier this year:


Indeed, in the spring that passed to us, Knowles Lawson had brought up a photograph of a fan that shows even more clearly the resemblance of mom and daughter.

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Most of the babies look like their parents because of science


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We look forward to raising twins.


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