Selena Gomez Life Saved Had A Kidney Transplant Donated By Friend


Singer Selena Gomez has revealed that she had to undergo a kidney transplant and was her best friend, France Raisa who donated her own, according to the artist herself in her Instagram account.

The young actress was diagnosed with lupus in 2015, a chronic disease that affects the connective tissue and causes inflammation of affected organs such as the skin, heart, liver, brain or lungs.

Gomez has posted a photo on his Instagram profile in which he appears next to his friend, France Raisa – TV set – on a hospital stretcher. In the photo, the singer says she feels “incredibly lucky” to be able to count on the “gift and sacrifice” her partner has given her by donating her kidney for an operation.

He also shared with his followers the news that he needed that organ transplant for his “complete recovery” and his intention to inform all his fans of his “trip during these months,” he added, as “I’ve always wanted to do.” The singer announced in an interview for Business of Fashion published Monday that she had stayed further away from the spotlights during the summer with the aim of recovering from the operation, whose scar shows in the images.

selena gomez

She known what her current state of health is, since she has not provided information on the matter. In his last interview in the online magazine, Gomez left some unusual statements about friendship, in which he admitted his loneliness: “I feel like I know everyone but I have no friends. I have three friends that I can tell you all about but I know everyone. I go anywhere and it’s like, “Hi, guys, how’s it going?” And it’s great to be connected to people, but having limits is very important. ”

The author of Fetish also warned of the importance of having an authentic circle of friends. “You have to have those people who respect you, who want the best for you and you want the best for them,” he added. “Sounds cheesy, but it’s hard,” he complained.



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