Selena Gomez Singer Showed Us The Safest Way To Wash Our Hands Properly


Selena Gomez teaches a tutorial on how to wash your hands properly

Selena Gomez teaches a tutorial on how to wash your hands properly.

Through her Instagram account, Selena Gomez teaches her followers how to wash their hands properly.

Singer Selena Gomez teaches her social media followers a tutorial on how to properly wash their hands. According to health authorities, one of the main measures to prevent and reduce the spread of coronavirus is washing your hands well.

Through an Instagram challenge, in which several celebrities have responded to show all their followers how to wash their hands correctly.

In addition to sharing the activities, they do at home while staying in isolation to avoid further outbreaks of contagion.

And this is how celebrities contribute to the community, teaching from the example and the singer Selena Gomez was no exception. From a powerful homemade video. The singer and actress show part of her kitchen and the sink and begins to explain how to carry out the cleaning process correctly.

The WHO has invited people to share on their social networks on how to wash their hands correctly. A gesture that helps to stop the transmission of the coronavirus.

For its part, The singer and actress have accepted the challenge that the writer and columnist Arianna Huffington has thrown at her, and which she has named #SafeHands.

In the video, Selena Gomez shows how you have to wash your hands and pour soap to start cleaning the palms and then move on to the backs.

It also teaches how to rub the tips of your fingers in circles on the palms of your hands, an action that helps clean under the nails.

And it is not surprising, because Selena Gomez represents a part of the population vulnerable to this epidemic.

Since you have Lupus disease, which means you have a weak immune system to support the disease. so a better way to teach everyone a very effective form of prevention that can make a difference.


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Coronavirus: Selena Gomez joins the #SafeHands Incredible!
Coronavirus: Selena Gomez joins the #SafeHands Incredible!

Selena Gomez joined the coronavirus prevention campaign, #SafeHandsChallenge with her own Instagram tutorial on the proper way to wash your hands.


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