10 Tips To Recycle Your Old Clothes


Tips To Recycle Your Old Clothes

Do you have old clothes that you do not use anymore but you feel sorry to throw them away? In WomenZilla offering you the perfect solution: recycle it! It is very simple and we also have options for all tastes. Make the planet a cleaner place by giving new life to objects that you no longer use.

And is that almost all the clothes and accessories that occupy our closet can have a second chance. Here are 10 ways to convert some that you certainly have at home.

1. Jeans

They are usually broken by wear, so if it’s impossible to convert your old jeans into shorts for the summer, save your pockets. You can sew them to other garments or make a practical hanger for when you load your mobile or original trivets.

recycle old clothes

2. Cotton t-shirts

The possibilities are endless. You can sew them all kinds of adornments, from lacy lace to buttons to fabric, felt or sequins applications. Give it imagination and take advantage of it a little more.

recycle old clothes

3. Jerseys

recycle old clothes

From turning them into a cushion cover of the warmest and most comfortable to reuse only the basses to make mittens or a wool hat.

4. Male shirt

recycle old clothes

Boys striped shirt so beautiful cut the necks and the sleeves and cutting also the row of buttons. You will have a beautiful blouse that will serve you in all kinds of situations. With the leftover, you can make clothes for the children’s dolls.

5. Skirt

recycle old clothes
Sewing the bottom of a mini skirt and adding a colorful handkerchief as a handle will get a unique and very original bag.

6. Shoes

recycle old clothes

They have friction and the color looks a little dingy. Why do not you try to give them a spin? Distribute textile glue all over the shoe and sprinkle it with glitter. You will be the queen of the party.

7. Bags and hats

recycle old clothes

With cloth bags and hats the same thing happens with shirts, they admit all kinds of applications. You just have to put a brooch, a strip of tacks, a pendant with feathers … and they will change completely.

8. Jacket

recycle old clothes

If you want it to be tighter around the waist to put on a party dress, sew a satin ribbon on each side of the back and tie them in a big bow. Change the plastic buttons for some jewel type and you will triumph.

9. Socks

recycle old clothes

For some reason, there are always unpaired socks in the drawer. If you gather several with funny patterns you can create a toy snake for children.

10. Sweatshirts

recycle old clothes
Create a patchwork quilt by trimming the front of your sweatshirts with drawings or messages. You can also do it with shirts, but in this case, you will have to do it as a cover for the quilt because they do not hold much.

As you can see it is super easy to give a new life to the garments that for one reason or another we have forgotten at the back of the wardrobe. Surely you can think of a lot of good ideas so you do not have to throw them away and take care of the planet.


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