5 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Without Using Any Tools[video]


Nail Art Designs

Today we have something very innovative nail art designs to teach. You will surely love. Do you like the designs that are used to decorate the nails but do not have the tools at hand that is needed to make them? You should not worry about that anymore because from today you will know how to make 5 nail designs without using special tools.

Nail Art Designs

The drawings are super colorful, they are made with fluorescent color nail enamels and the basic black and white that everyone has and that is very easy to obtain. Of course, you can use the ones you like the most since that will not depend much on the design.

Colorful nail polish

Since we are going to use many enamels of different colors, it is advisable that you first pass protective lacquer on the nails so that they do not get damaged. In addition, the layers of the enamels will be quite heavy so it is also important that at the end of painting each nail you happen again.

The designs, in general, are made only with the enamel brush of each color, so you will not need any other material. And the reasons are also quite easy to do since they are common shapes like points for flowers, stripes for the aquadrillé, circles for clouds and also of different sizes such as for example the head of the rabbit and the details of the eyes and so on.

When looking at the video you will notice that these 5 nail designs that we propose are not at all complicated and also shows you clearly how with the nail polish brush that corresponds to each color can be done in a very simple way. You will also see that it will give you advice on what ways to start first and tips that will suit you so that it turns out very nice.


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