How To Clean Your House With Food!


Do you know how to clean your house with food and replace chemical and toxic detergents with food and your home shine? And yet set up a list of foods that can act as cleaners for all the chores of the house!

1. Pour Your Silverware With The Inside Of A Banana Peel To Polish It

2. With Cucumber Peels Clean Walls, Tables, And Mirrors

They can remove stains from walls, cupboards, tables and other surfaces. Also, in order not to dazzle the bathroom mirror when making a warm bath, rub it with cucumber peel.

3. Use Ketchup To Copper Vessels

Apply ketchup to the surface of copper Vessels, leave half an hour to act and then rinse.

4. Use A Raw onion, Clean The Grill

Cut an onion in the middle and rub the barbecue grills. Even better will be the result if the grills are warm.

5. Remove Wooden Furniture Scratches With Walnut

Rub the wrinkle on the scratch and then rub gently with your hand so that the walnut oils can be better absorbed. Leave to act for a few minutes and then rub with a soft, dry cloth.

6. Use Salt To Remove Difficult Stains

In difficult stains such as blood or red wine, put salt and allow to absorb the stain before washing the cloth.

7. With Slices Of Bread, Gather The Broken Glasses

If something breaks you, moisten a slice of white bread and wipe the area where the fragments fell.

8. Clean The Coffee Grinder With Rice

Rice is ideal for cleaning coffee grinder. rice into it and grind it until it becomes powder. Then clean with a damp cloth.

9. Using Cola Clean Your Toilet

Pour a cola of cola into the toilet and let it work for an hour. Then rub the bowl with the bell and pull out 2 times the flush.


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