6 Tips for Small Bathroom To Look Bigger and Spacious


Do you have a small bathroom? Welcome to the club! We are many who because of the lack of space we have to deal with a tiny bathroom with little space. However, there is nothing impossible in the world of decoration, and there are more ideas to organize small bathrooms that can make your life easier.

As always, the decoration of small bathrooms is based on knowing how to intelligently optimize the space, in addition to using the basic decorating tips that will help you to make a tiny space look bigger.

1. The Use Of Color In Small Bathroom

small bathroom for color

When we think of the best way to decorate our small bathroom, we must take into account the color of walls, floors, and furniture. The white and neutral colors can help us to make a super small bathroom look visually larger. Color white, gray, beige, … there are many colors of neutral colors that will allow you to get a much wider bathroom.

2. Use Shower instead Of Bathtub

small bathroom for shower

Nowadays more and more people are opting for a shower instead of a bath. The explanation is simple, a shower is much more comfortable and optimizes space more efficiently, especially in a tiny space.

From the shape and size of our bathroom, we can opt for a shower or another. For example, a corner shower is ideal for a square bath while in narrow, elongated baths, it is best to opt for a shower that occupies the bottom end. The decision to opt for a work shower or a shower tray depends on whether we want to renovate the bathroom with or without a work.

3. Layout Is The Key To Everything

small bathroom layout ideas

The main key in decorating small bathrooms is the layout. The best thing in these cases is to draw a scale of the bathroom, playing inside it with all the elements that we want to put, considering its size.

The idea is to find the distribution that best helps us to integrate all the necessary furniture and objects in a small bathroom. Although all distribution is correct, you should keep in mind that in the narrow baths usually the toilet is placed in the toilet, the latter being hidden from view.

4. Storage Solutions For Small Bathroom

small bathroom storage solutions

There is nothing that can better us more than we have a small bathroom than the lack of storage space. Not knowing where to put things is an oversight, especially if we want to have an organized and orderly bathroom.

Ideally, it is to study very well the available space, to find the best storage solution possible. There are many valid ideas, such as taking advantage of the upper space in the toilet, placing shelves or buckets on the wall or placing a shelf over the door. eye! It is also important to note the corners.

5. Sliding Doors

small bathroom sliding door ideas

One of the most recurrent options to optimize space in small bathrooms is to change conventional doors through sliding doors. We can save all that space we usually spend when we open the door.

6. Big Mirrors To visually Look Big Space

small bathroom big mirror ideas

One of the ways we can make a small bathroom look bigger is with the help of larger mirrors.the more help we have so that it does not look like a claustrophobic drawer.

In addition, mirrors are essential in decorating small bathrooms. From murals with small mirrors to furniture with integrated mirrors, mirrors are one of those objects that we must keep in mind.


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