10 Bad Habits That Cause Depression


10 Bad Habits That Cause Depression

Bad Habits Cause Depression

The depression is an illness with physical and psychological consequences both. External factors are usually the main triggers of depressive states (loss of a loved one, problems at work …).

But certain habits that we sometimes repeat on a daily basis also make us more vulnerable to depression and anxiety. Prevention, therefore, is also in our hands.

To do this, let’s see what are the 10 bad habits that should be reviewed and avoided. 

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1. Take Too Many Selfie

bad habits cause depression

social networks, the fashion of selfies … can lead us to live life through photographs. It is good to take pictures, but without excess, because we will forget to live the emotions that really provoke what we are photographing.

2. Become Frighten

The bullying is a phenomenon that is not limited only to the classroom, it is also present in the work environment. According to an investigation conducted in the United States, more than a third of workers say they feel frightened by a superior. A situation that can be devastating physically and emotionally.

3. No Physical Work

bad habits cause depression

The lack of activity and physical exercise makes us more vulnerable to suffer anxiety and depression problems. Sport is good in every way since it activates our brain. Just take a half-hour walk to feel much better.

4. Fear Of Failure

bad habits cause depression

The fear of failure can lead us to postpone certain situations or commitments. However, avoiding them does not help, just raise the level of worry and anxiety, which can make you feel more sad and depressed.

5. Feeling Afraid Of The Couples

bad habits cause depression

These relationships in which a part feels intimidated causes loss of self-esteem, which can easily lead to low mood and depression.

6. Sleeping a little

bad habits cause depression

Sleep exerts a restorative effector both physically and mentally. Sleeping little increases anxiety and makes us more vulnerable to depression. If we have trouble falling asleep, we must look for the cause and look for a relaxing, natural solution to achieving a good rest.

7. Lack of time for oneself

bad habits cause depression

Sometimes we dedicate so much time to work that we forget about ourselves. Lack of time to enjoy the hobbies and the company of family and friends is essential to keep depression away.

8. Feeling lonely

bad habits cause depression

Loneliness can be a bad companion. Between work and daily responsibilities, you have to take time to enjoy your friends. Sometimes, it is enough to have a coffee in the company to feel better oneself, freeing the mind of stress and worries.

9. Spending too much time alone

bad habits cause depression

Enjoy the moments of solitude without overdoing it, since it is the company and social relationships that keep our minds active. Being alone all day leads to isolate and lock in oneself.

10. Do not talk to anyone

bad habits cause depression

Not having anyone to talk to in certain situations can lead to depression. Although networks have become a new meeting point, talking face to face is essential to feel better emotionally. Personal contact cannot be replaced by a computer.


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