10 Very Simple Ways To Slim Your Face


Is having a chubby face a bit frustrating? Change these habits to Slim Your Face.


Having a round and chubby face is a little frustrating especially if your body is not, because it can make you look more plump and older, affecting your self-esteem.

The causes of a bulging face can be diverse, from genetics, age, flabbiness, and very fast weight loss, to fat accumulated by weight gain.

That’s why we share the most effective proven methods. If you follow this method. You will avoid “chubby face”. The benefit of this method you look younger and feel better with a thin face.

The most import things are that you have to change your daily habits. This method will take time to work.

1. Try To Eat healthier To Slim Your Face

One of the biggest causes of fat accumulation is feeding high in animal fats and in chemicals. The toxins of animals accumulate in their body fat, and when we consume it we ingest their toxins, storing them in our body and thus causing enlarged fat cells and weight gain.

The chemicals in processed foods are increasingly excessive in the form of additives, preservatives, dyes, flavorings, binders, trans fats and sugars.

These toxins overload our digestion and hinder the detoxification of the liver, which is reflected in the face.

One of the main keys to obtain a slim face is to have a healthy and low-calorie diet. Eating healthy clean the organ detoxifies the liver to better metabolize fat and helps the face to build muscle mass.

2. Avoid Excess Salt In Food To Slim Your Face

Avoid Excess Salt In Food, because they make you retain fluids and swell. In addition to causing dehydration, constipation, and loss of important vitamins and minerals.

Avoid table salt and processed foods such as soups, canned meats or vegetables, fast food, and frozen foods.

3. Drink More Water To Slim Your Face

Those thick cheeks and big jowls can be caused by the swelling. If your body does not get enough water. You surely get a fatty face.

Take two liters of natural water in small sips throughout the day. As an added benefit, you will be less hungry and that will help you eat less and lose weight faster.

4. Do cardiovascular exercise To Slim Your Face

You will only burn fat if you do frequent cardiovascular exercise along with the diet. Marathon runners usually do not have a double chin. A routine of 30 minutes a day will make you lose weight on the face and neck.

It will help your detoxification and improve your blood circulation. It works all the muscles of your body, including those of the face.

5. Stop smoking To Slim Your Face

The harmful cigar damaging the body cells. Also decreased the oxygen level in our body. It causes wrinkles, spots, and grayish skin. It also reduces the level of vitamins in our body. The skin cannot make collagen and elastin, causing effects on the face.

6. Moderates alcohol

Drinking also affects the face, since the liver processes alcohol, metabolizes fat and detoxifies the body. But if this body has too much to process. It is unable to metabolize fat. So it ends up storing it and causing overweight.

In addition, the alcohol does not contain fat. the liver after processing alcohol. It turns it into fat that ends up becoming obesity. Drink alcohol in moderate amounts.

7. Do facial yoga To Slim Your Face

These stretching exercises help put an end to tension and anxiety, to relax and de-stress, and build muscle tone in your face (2). During the routine, you perform a series of facial expressions to exercise the face.

For example, the lion face is a posture exercise to get all the facial muscles and maintain the posture for a minute, then exhale and release the muscles. Take out the tongue and roll the eyes upwards. Repeat three times daily.

8. Do facial exercises To Slim Your Face

Facial exercises can be used to improve face to burn calories and fat. Doing these exercises do not reflect immediate results, but if they are combined with diet and exercise. The thinning of the face is accelerated(1).

Reduce chubby fat on the face by smiling in front of the mirror. Hold the smile for 5 to 10 seconds five times a day. Stretch the cheeks with air and pass the air from one to another, repeat 4 times a day (3).

Firm the cheeks by sucking and releasing them 10 times. Decrease the bags under the eyes by raising and lowering the eyebrows with the eyes open 10 times.

9. facial massage To Slim Your Face

The massage helps to thin the face by increasing metabolism and improving blood circulation. Massage the face with your face cream every night to help tone your muscles and lose weight. With the middle part of the fingers, press on different areas of the face.

Start from the center pressing up to the eyebrows and out to the forehead. Do the same from the neck through the jowls and cheeks to the temples. Finish by giving 30 quick pats across the face.

10. Sleep better

Lack of sleep is reflected in swollen eyes and a limp face. But also this bad habit upsets your hormonal system. Which defines how much fat stores and how much elasticity your skin has. It giving you an unhealthy, obese appearance. So to help reduce facial and body fat, sleep around 8 hours a day(15).

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10 Very Simple Ways To Slim Your Face
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10 Very Simple Ways To Slim Your Face
10 Very Simple Ways To Slim Your Face. If you follow this method. You will avoid "chubby face". The benefit of this method you look younger and feel better with a thin face.
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