7 Reasons Your Vagina Should Avoid Underwear


Have you ever wondered why we wear underwear? Many years ago, when people did not bathe daily or wash their clothes, the panties appeared to prevent the skirts or dresses from getting wet with sweat, urine, menstrual blood, and so on. Over time, underwear was a part of traditional clothing and reaffirmed its use with the belief of preventing disease.

Though it’s a matter of personal preference, from the perspective of breathing and airing things out, you should sleep without underwear says Dr. Moore.

However, Dr. Gillian Dean confirmed that a link between lack of panties and vaginal infections has not been found. Although this is not a reason enough to stop using them, we share more data to encourage you to try.

1. Avoid Vaginal Infections!

avoid underwear

It sounds a bit incredible, but in fact our vagina is a very wet area. When it does not breathe it becomes the perfect environment for infections to grow. A doctor will recommend you to wear cotton underwear as it is cool, but not wearing underwear can also help.

2. Help prevent Pain While You Sleep.

vagina avoid underwear

Being naked will help you improve your blood flow, relieve abdominal and waist pain, you can take advantage of the nights to sleep without underwear and feel the benefits of natural rest.

3. You Feel More Free And Comfortable.

vagina avoid underwear

The panties usually move from their place and bother us in an instant. When you do not wear underwear you can forget about that problem.

4. Forget Brands.

vagina avoid underwear

If you hate the marks on your underwear when wearing tight clothing, stop using it. Some girls will tell you that the thong is the solution, but this garment is not at all hygienic for our intimate area.

5. Avoid Heat During The Night.

vagina avoid underwear

Another benefit of getting rid of underwear is that you stay cooler. This is important, especially at night, because sleeping in hot weather is almost impossible.

6. Improve Your Sex Life.

vagina avoid underwear

If you usually wear underwear, do not bring it back conscious to your body, making you feel safer in front of your partner.

7. Makes You Feel Sexy.

vagina avoid underwear

Maybe you feel very sexy wearing a lingerie set but, what can be more sensual than being totally naked?


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