Here’s Balanced Diet Menu For A week That’s Actually Delicious


Healthy Balanced Diet Menu For A week

Balanced Diet Menu For A week

A balanced diet menu for a week should contain both carbohydrates and proteins and fats but in fair measure. Eating healthy and following a balanced diet will allow you to lose weight steadily and recover your ideal weight avoiding the dreaded yo-yo effect.

In the weekly menu that we present below, we want to give you some keys to improve your diet and do not forget the necessary vitamins and minerals in a correct diet.

The first step is to eliminate those foods that are not recommended because of their high content of saturated fats that are difficult to eliminate and that may end up accumulating in the form of cholesterol in our blood vessels, causing hypertension problems that require a diet special.

Many calories that do not benefit our bodies, such as those contained in palm oil present in much of the industrial bakery or fast foods with an exaggerated sugar level, have the effect not only an increase in the weight of our body but can also cause serious health problems to our body.

Another group that we recommend you substitute is the canned or prepared sauces by others or made by yourself and from bio origin that is much healthier and more natural because they do not contain chemical substances such as preservatives.

Carrying a healthy diet and a healthy menu does not mean that we have to stop eating everything that is good on the palate, in fact, you would be surprised to know how many different foods you will be able to taste each day if you follow this menu.

The sweets are also included if we want something sweet as dessert or snack, we choose to make a homemade instead of buying an already made industrially.

It will be much healthier and more natural and we will be able to control the ingredients using those that have fewer calories or that are healthier for the diet, such as olive oil instead of butter or margarine.

Before starting with your weekly menu for your balanced diet you can make a one-day cleansing diet to eliminate toxins and prepare your body for the new diet.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to lose weight, regular physical activity is essential to keep fit and tone some areas of your body while reducing the consumption of fat in the diet.

With these premises, we will give you the keys to how to bring a healthy weekly menu and a balanced diet.

Balanced Diet Menu For A week List

For breakfast:

a piece of fruit or a natural juice rich in vitamins, ideal fruit concentrates squeezed cold, liquidators heating up can destroy the amino acid chains of vitamins.

If you do not like fruit, a glass of semi-skimmed milk with cereals or nuts or a tea with wholemeal crackers. Cereals or a slice of whole grain bread with light jam and good coffee is also another option.

For mid-morning lunch:

A skimmed yogurt, a piece of fruit, a natural juice or a homemade muffin.

For the meal:

A salad or an outline of seasonal vegetables and a piece of meat such as veal or grilled loin, if you are a vegetarian you can substitute proteins of vegetable origin contained in legumes.

Another option is white meats such as chicken or turkey cooked with potatoes or sausage. White rice alone or with vegetables. Spinach, cauliflower or boiled cabbage with a little olive oil and vinegar. Blue or white fish baked or grilled with a little salad. A plate of pasta with homemade tomato sauce.

A plate of vegetables cooked with very few fats (chickpeas, lentils, beans …). Take only one slice of bread and dessert, natural fruit or yogurt.

For the snack: a yogurt, a piece of fruit, semi-skimmed milk with cereals, a natural juice or a tea with wholemeal crackers.

For dinner:

cooked vegetables. Grilled turkey or chicken breast (if you want to accompany it with a salad of lettuce, tomato, and onion).

A French omelet or two boiled eggs. Grilled fish with the lettuce salad or similar.

The more seasonal vegetable better, avoid consuming products from greenhouses or distant countries, you will do the planet and your body a favor.

For dessert, fruit or a skimmed yogurt, good vanilla and cinnamon custard are also accepted as long as they are homemade.

To get a healthy menu that helps you monitor your weight and your health, do not forget that fruits and vegetables are essential.

One of the most common problems among people who suffer from weight loss or that does not lose weight easily is precisely the low variety of nutrients and micronutrients present in the foods that are consumed regularly in their diet.

Also, if you work or are always very busy, another of the fundamental aspects that you should not forget is to drink enough liquids.

At least 2 liters of water per day in periods of increased stress are essential when it comes to avoiding skin problems and toxin accumulation.

Always remember that beauty is no more than a reflection of internal health.


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