Do You Want To Lose Weight in just 10 seconds?


3 workout to BURN FAT in 10 seconds

Do you want to lose weight in just 10 seconds? You must follow this perfect exercise routine, it is effective.

There are only 3 exercises that will help you burn fat and the time you will spend is nothing more than 10 seconds. The method is perfect for people who have little time to exercise at home or outdoors.

This implies that these are cardio routines, in order to put the body into physical activity, as a good way to start any type of method.

According to what was released by the information portal, The National Institute of Health, United States, the main point is to mark the abdomen, although various cardiovascular exercises are also needed because stored fat does not allow The muscles are marked.

1. Griddle Exercise

Do you want to lose weight in just 10 seconds

Of the most effective exercises to mark the abdomen, in addition, it works completely.

How is it done?

Lie on your stomach with your elbows and toes on the floor. Lift your torso and try to place your back as straight as possible, legs stretched and that part of your weight is placed on the elbows but the rest in the abdomen and tensioning all the muscles of the body. The more you resist, the better, although the estimated time is 10 seconds.

2. Sharp crunch Exercise

Do you want to lose weight in just 10 seconds

The typical and famous traditional abs. The difference in this exercise is that you must maintain the position for a while.

How is it done?

Lie down and flex your legs slightly. Your arms should be stretched to the sides of the thighs. Then, lift your torso and hold that position for 10 seconds. Rest for another 10 seconds and repeat the movement 5 more times; with this, you will keep the first two blocks of the abdominal rectum, so hard that they will look like steel.

3. Legs up

Do you want to lose weight in just 10 seconds

Leg lift is a very effective exercise for the lower abdomen. But when the position is maintained, all the muscles of the abdomen work.

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How is it done?

Lie on your back and raise your legs slightly, just detach them from the ground a few centimeters. Place your arms at the stretched sides and do not move them. The intention is to play 10 seconds, rest another 10.

The routine is easy, simple and very practical for those who want to burn fat; well with a balanced diet and even 10-15 minutes of cardio will have a belly of envy that anyone else will want.

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