Top 10 False Myths About Lose Weight


Take good note of the false myths that circulate to lose weight and not only do not lose weight, can also prove to be very harmful to health.

The bikini operation is back. The heat is noticed and the escapades to the beach are falling. We all want to show off our best figure in bathing suits, which makes us read and listen to many tips and recommendations of all kinds of nutrition and dietetics. Sometimes there is so much information to process that we are not able to detect the wrong data.

We have elaborated false myths to lose weight so that you move away from them and you get to lose weight without losing health

1. Organic Products Helps To Lose Weight

False in the case of fruits and vegetables, true in the case of meat. In the latter case, if the cattle are fed on clean pastures and are fed naturally, their fat will be good. The mass production to supply meat to the whole population does not guarantee otherwise that the fat produced by the animal is healthy. Not even in the case of chickens and turkeys.

2. Skipping Meals Slims

weight lose

It’s false. Skipping meals can lead to increased food intake needs in the next meal and produce a boomerang effect. If done, it should be controlled. The recommendation is to advance the dinner time to get fast for more hours in a row, which benefits the body.

3. Avoid Products With Gluten To Lose Weight

lose weight gulten

It’s false. This is a very dangerous new fashion. Gluten-free foods are indicated for people with gluten intolerance and problems associated with celiac disease. If you do not suffer from and stop consuming gluten you can become sick from nutrient deficiency as well as gain weight.

4. Drinking Water At Fattening Meals

False. Water does not contribute calories and produces a feeling of satiety. It is not contraindicated in any diet for serious and rigorous weight loss.

5. Raw Foods Thinner

lose weight raw food

It is false, it depends on each food and the way it is absorbed. Cooked vegetables are digested much better since they are foods that contain molecules that ferment in the digestive tract. Hence the vegetables swell and produce gases. Some more than others, for example, cabbage, cauliflower, and small cabbages. By boiling them, we degrade their fibers. On the other side, “green”, should be ingested raw. As an example, broccoli and spinach contain important enzymes that disappear with cooking and protect our cardiovascular system.

6. Soy And Derived Products Are Not Fattening And Are healthier

Again, false. Sprouts of soy or whole bean are healthy, not the rest. On the contrary, if we abuse them they can favor the appearance of thyroid problems and menstrual disorders, both of which cause weight gain.

7. Juices And Shakes Is Enough To Be Well Nourished Throughout The Day

It’s false. The body needs a balance of proteins, fats, sugars, minerals … The detox trend tends to substitute a full menu for the abusive intake of colored juices. They are a complement, with them you lose liquid by its diuretic effect, but not fat. Includes the skin of the fruits inside the juice to get a good contribution of fiber

8. Whole Foods Do Not Get Fat

False. Whole foods are rich in carbohydrates, add calories and should be controlled to lose weight. Of course, whole-grain products do not cause insulin spikes as potent as refined hydrates like industrial pastries, so they help keep blood sugar levels balanced, preventing starvation attacks.

9. Coconut Oil, Banned In Diet To Lose Weight

lose weight suing coconut oil

Not at all. It is true that coconut oil provides calories, but not as much as previously thought. The medium chain triglycerides present in their composition activate the metabolism producing a considerable energy expenditure. It has proven its effectiveness in the fight against obesity and abdominal fat.

10. Margarine Is Healthier Than Butter

lose weight margarine

Several studies show that people who eat margarine are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as those who eat butter. It is because margarine is a highly processed product.


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