Follow This Schedule And You’ll Have The Healthier Whole Day


Follow This Schedule And You’ll Have The Healthier Whole Day

Healthier Whole Day

Have you ever wanted to have a nutritionist by your side, to tell you exactly what to eat and what to do for healthier whole day? Well, we are here to make your dream come true; three experts advise us on simple secrets to organize our days, our activities and our meals in a healthy way . What more can we ask?

6:30-7 a.m.: Wake up and drink water

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“Before drinking coffee, tea or eating food, it is best to first break the fast with a glass of water with lemon,”

7 a.m.: Take a short walk

It’s an ideal time to burn fat, says Koff. All you need is a 20-minute walk with the dog, jumping or going up and down stairs to your house. The idea is to fit some easy activity and try to eat more or less an hour after waking up.

7:30 am: Breakfast

All experts recommend oatmeal for breakfast . “Your body digests fiber slowly, so you’ll feel satisfied for a couple of hours,” says Brooke Alpert, MS, RD, founder of B Nutritious , a private nutritional counseling firm in New York City. Add protein with a glass of skim milk, yogurt or a hard-boiled egg; or mix some nuts (almonds or nuts) in the oatmeal.

9 a.m.: Water

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It is better to drink a little water all day, than a giant glass when you are dehydrated.

10 am: Stretch and take a walk

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Get up, stretch and walk every hour or hour and a half, says Heidi Skolnik, MS, a nutritionist at the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at the Special Surgery Hospital in New York.

10:30-11 am: Take a sandwich

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Eating every 3 to 4 hours will keep your energy and avoid binge eating. To provide fiber and protein, eat an apple with a strip of cheese or a handful of nuts (especially if you did not eat them at breakfast).

11:30 am until noon: Water, vitamins and a walk

Finish your glass of water, fill it up and take your multivitamin. “I recommend clients take their multivitamins shortly before lunch because the B vitamins and some minerals help the body use carbohydrates, so they have more energy after the meal,” says Koff.

1 to 1:30 pm: Lunch

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Have a rainbow salad , says Alpert. Start with green leafy vegetables and mix them with other colorful vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, such as tomatoes, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, avocado and (choose one from here) tuna, roast chicken, turkey, beans or lentils.

14 pm: More water and a walk

Doing this now will help you make a good choice when you feel cravings. “Go outside if you can, especially if you did not go to lunch,” says Koff. ”

3: 30-4 pm: Snack

Almost everyone needs to eat something between lunch and dinner, says Alpert. For a mixture of protein and fiber, try to snack on a small yogurt and a handful of high-fiber cereal; or a banana with a spoonful of peanut butter or almonds.

6 to 7 pm: Walk or exercise

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If you did not do it in the morning, now is a good time to do some exercise . Any activity is beneficial, either simply going around the block a couple of times or going to the gym.

19:30 pm: Dinner

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Start dinner with soup, our experts recommend. Studies show that people who take soup end up eating less in general.

21:30 pm: Dessert

Wait an hour after dinner to have dessert, for a while before going to bed. You do not have to strictly follow the rule of consuming protein or fiber, but it must be more than empty calories.

10:30-23: 00 pm: Go to sleep

Try to sleep between 7 and 8 hours per night; if you sleep less than that you run the risk of suffering a series of health problems, including weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and more, not to mention the odds that you will feel more tired.

Drink another glass of water shortly before bedtime and give yourself plenty of time to relax with a soothing routine, such as a bath or reading in bed.



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