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food eat 10 drops belly
One of the most basic rules in slimming is to be consistent with your breakfast (anyway, of course, you need to have priority, let alone when you try to lose weight). But not all the mornings are the same.

It is another thing to eat a bowl of fruits and cereals and another sausage (with sympathioth). Your day is good to start with a meal that combines protein, good fat, and fiber (and you can ask whoever nutritionist you want – will agree). This nutritious combo not only scuffles me with vitamins but helps you avoid having an inflated belly later in the day.

As the New York-based nutritionist, Stacy Goldberg points out, if your goal is a flat belly at your breakfast, you should certainly include eggs. “You can enjoy them either boiled or fried but with a tablespoon of oil. And yes, you have to eat the yolk too! ”

In addition to the high levels of vitamin D and biotin it provides, the protein found on egg yolks increases the feeling of satiety (and your concentration at work). In other words, it’s a good way to feel happy and happy for several hours. In addition, if you exercise, the eggs help keep your muscle weight.

food eat 10 drops belly

If your neat eggs cause morning-morning aversion, you do not have to eat them plain. You can put on a slice of whole grain bread along with some spinach (or some other green leafy vegetable) and combine it with a fruit.


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