The Fruit and Yogurt Diet That Will Make You Weight Loss Quickly


yogurt diet

The diet of yogurt and fruit is a fast diet of three days whose secret lies in the digestive properties of yogurt.

The diet of yogurt and fruit is perfect for losing weight in a short time. If you need to lose weight quickly and effectively and you also love yogurt and fruit, join this regime with which you will lose a couple of kilos in three days with a little effort. Do you want to know how?

Yogurt diet: properties of yogurt and fruit

yogurt diet

The main secret of this fast diet is in the digestive properties of yogurt in our body:

Provides calcium.

It is rich in proteins much easier to digest.

Reduces cholesterol.

Thanks to its content in probiotics, it acts as a natural defense against diseases and infections.

For its part, fresh and natural fruit provides many vitamins to our body and very few calories.

Tips to make the diet of yogurt

Before telling you how to make the diet of yogurt and fruit it is important to take into account some previous advice:

Natural yogurt skimmed without sugar. When you go to the supermarket to buy your yogurt, check the ingredients label to make sure it contains lactic cultures with probiotics. Also, if you are skimming you will reduce your fat consumption considerably.

Fruits of low glycemic index. It is not the same to eat some grapes that are rich in fructose than a pear that contains much less sugar or hydrates. We offer you a list of low hydrate fruits so you can make the right choices when it comes to yogurt diet.

The diet of the fruit is done for 3 days, since being a fast diet should not be prolonged any longer, it could have consequences on your health.

Yogurt diet: how to make it

yogurt diet

Now, it’s time to tell you how to make the diet of yogurt, with a simple menu that also includes other nutritious foods. Take note!

For breakfast (three days):

Tea, coffee alone or coffee with skimmed milk, almond milk or rice (sweeten it with stevia, honey, mashed sugar or coconut sugar).

A natural skimmed yogurt: the ideal is that you do not add sugar, but if you do not like it without sugar, you can add a teaspoon of honey.

A fruit of your choice (remember that those that are low in hydrates are better)
To eat:

Day 1: Cooked whole-grain rice with vegetables and a yogurt.

Day 2: Fruits with two skimmed natural yogurts (pour everything in the same container).

Day 3: Strawberries mixed with two skimmed natural yogurts and some pieces of pineapple
For dinner (any of these dishes).

Day 1: Fruit with natural skimmed yogurt.

Day 2: Fruit Macedonia.

Day 3: Vegetables with baked or grilled salmon and a natural skimmed yogurt.

And do not forget the lunch and the snack, since it is very important to make five meals and more when a diet is carried out, so in these hours you can take one of these foods:

One or two pieces of fruit.

A natural or fruit yogurt skimmed.

A natural orange juice.

Also, remember that the diet will be more effective if you practice some exercise in the mornings and drink plenty of water during the day.


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