How Did Kim Kardashian Actually Lose 10 kilos?

"I'm really proud", in an interview Kim Kardashian confessed how she has managed to lose more than 10 kilos and reach her ideal weight.


Kim Kardashian achieves her ideal weight: She lost 10 kilos

Kim Kardashian Actually Lose 10 kilos

Kim Kardashian revealed in an interview for the E! News portal how it has been the process to lose more than 10 kilos, thanks to the training plan with an expert in bodybuilding and healthy diet that continues since last September.

Kim Kardashian has managed to lower the 63 kilos that used to weigh at 52 today, and although the road has been arduous, with this new lifestyle Kim feels good and proud of the result although the road has been arduous, as has documented through their Instagram stories.

” I’ve always been at almost 140 pounds (about 63.5 kilos) and now I’m at about 116 pounds (52.6 kilos), and I’m just feeling good, I did not see the results immediately, but when you commit and you’re consistent, finally You see them, so I love it, ” Kim Kardashian explained in the interview.

Taking into account his height, 1.59 meters, his current weight is normal and healthy, so it is understandable that she feels good with his new figure, both in terms of health and energy and image. She also explained that he no longer consumes “sugar as she did before” and that she is now more aware of what he eats.

“I’m really proud”, Kim Kardashian loses 10 kilos of weight

“I’ve been training to eat healthier than before, I used to eat everything and anything, and I adored it, and now I control it, I do not want to ruin everything just by filling my mouth,” he said.

These words demonstrate a commitment that has also extended to her training plan, an intense routine customized for her by bodybuilding expert Melissa Alcantara.

Since last September, almost a year ago, Kim trains an hour and a half a day with Alcantara, who in a previous interview with the People portal said that the routine of the socialite was aimed at gaining muscle.

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“Kim told me, ” I love my body, I love how it is and I love my hips. “She just wanted more muscle, larger hamstrings to accentuate the whole leg, and marked arms and abs, she explained.

Therefore, as Kim Kardashian herself has revealed, her sessions are mainly with weights and she does not do much cardiovascular exercise.



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