8 Amazing Juices That Will Make You Lose Weight Fast


8 Amazing Juices That Will Make You Lose Weight Fast.

The World Health Organization considers obesity as the epidemic of the 21st century. The highlights of the fact that more people are overweight. We live in a society in which we feed ourselves in excess. At the same time, our lives made us an inactive lifestyle. So we spend less and less calories that we consume. Here is the list of juices that will make you sure lose weight fast.

1. Cherry Juice To Lose Weight.

health cherry juice

Advantages: Cherries reduce uric acid and promote good skin health. It contains vitamin C and anthocyanins, a substance that relieves inflammation.

Disadvantage: Can cause headaches or dizziness during the first days. Preparation: Use 200g of cherries, using an extractor or blender, strain and add water.

Suggestion: Add milk in cherry juice will be more suitable for people with physical activity.

2. Juice Of Plums To Lose weight

plum juice

Advantage: Plums which stimulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and reduce anxiety because Plums has excellent source of B vitamins.

Disadvantage: Can promote the onset of diarrhea.

Preparation: Use a blender, wash 5-6 plums.

Suggestion: Add lemon juice.

3. Escarole Juice, Carrot, And Salad To Lose Weight

green juice

Advantages: These vegetables provide a considerable amount of calcium and vitamins. This complements the level of nutrients.

Disadvantage: Do not allow rapid weight loss.

Wash the ingredients and mix 100 gr of each vegetable.

Suggestions: Can be combined with pineapple, melon and apple.

4. Apple Juice To Lose Weight

apple juice

Benefits: Apples are rich in pectin. They are very digestive and are recommended in case of gastric problems. Facilitates the elimination of uric acid.

Disadvantage: None.

Preparation: Wash, cut and mix 2-3 apples during each extraction.

Tip: It is possible to add celery.

5. Watermelon Juice To Lose Weight.

water melon juice

 Advantages: It is diuretic and clean. The weight loss is quick, since it contains little sugar. The beta carotene and the vitamin C of the watermelon eliminate the free radicals.

Disadvantage: Nil.

Preparation: Mix a piece of watermelon about 200 gr. Repeat the procedure with liquefied.

Suggestion: You can sweeten with honey when you feel a weakness.

6. Tomato And Cucumber Juice To Lose Weight

tomato with cucumber juice

Advantages: They are refreshing, moisturizing and satiating. This is some juice that contains sugars. Allows you to lose weight .
Disadvantage: None.

Preparation: Choose a small cucumber (about 100 gr) and cut in half with 3 tomatoes (about 200 grams) and mix.

Suggestion: Add a stalk of celery, to promote the purge effect.

7. Grape Juice To Lose Weight

grape juice

 Advantages: The grape is a very caloric fruit. That is why it avoids the feeling of weakening. Dissolves uric acid The grape tannin is a very good disinfectant for the stomach.

Disadvantage: It helps to lose less weight than with other treatments.

Preparation: Wash and mix 300 gr of white grape in each extraction. It filtered to separate the grains.

Suggestion: Combined with melon and apples to vary the flavor.

8. Strawberry Juice Diet To Lose Weight

strawberry juice to weight lose

 Advantages: Ideal for smokers, due to its high content of vitamin C. Promotes the elimination of liquids and lowers blood pressure.

Disadvantage: Some strawberries can cause allergy. Preparation: mix 300 grams of strawberries and liquefy adding water.

Suggestions: You can add a little basil or the oregano powder used to vary the flavors.
It is important to consider the juices to lose weight for the following reasons:
Homemade juices are preferable to bottled juices.
The average amount of juice to be consume per day is 2 to 3.5 liters. The least is 200 ml per dose (one glass) and the most one half of a liter.
When the diet course ends, the first meal should be very light.
Seasonal fruits and vegetables should be fresh and in good condition. It is important to clean and cut any trace of pesticides.

It is best to drink the juice. while it has prepared so that the vitamins and nutrients it contains do not decay.

You should take special precautions if you have diabetes, because the fruit increases the level of sugar in the blood.

To maintain your weight, You follow this diet once a week or twice a year.


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