Cardio LISS: All About This Type Of Training


cardio LISS training

LISS cardio training can help you start getting in shape if you do not exercise or as a complement to other types of training. If you want to know everything about cardio LISS, read on.

What is cardio training LISS

It is a low-intensity cardiovascular training, that is, any activity of cardio and low intensity aerobic performed for a long time, usually between 30 and 60 minutes.

The acronym LISS stands for Low-Intensity Steady State and is usually identified as the opposite of HITT or high-intensity training, although in reality, they are complementary.

The exercises of a LISS training can be very varied: a walk in the field, half an hour of swimming, cycling to work, walking on the treadmill, climbing hills, using the stationary bike or paddling in the machine.

Rowing can be some of the LISS cardio activities. Of course, they must be planned by a certified professional trainer.

The LISS cardio is becoming very popular in recent times, but in reality, it is a type of training that athletes and elite professionals have always practiced as a complement to other types of training. Simply, now it has a new name with which it is identified.

What are the benefits of cardiovascular training LISS

The main reasons why LISS cardio has become so popular are mainly based on its benefits.

The LISS is suitable for beginners

For a person who is not in physical form, beginning to exercise in a HITT or high-intensity training can be intimidating. However, swimming in the pool or pedaling for 20 minutes on a stationary bike is a much less intimidating activity than a military-style boot camp class or Crossfit session.

It works as active rest

If you like to train intensely daily, you need some days of recovery that are generally known as active rest, that is, days when you generate some physical activity leaving your body to rest.

The LISS cardio is perfect for this, as it helps you recover from your strength training sessions, reducing the risk of injury and without stopping exercising completely.

The impact is less

The impact of a LISS low-intensity cardio exercise will always be less than a high-intensity cardio exercise.

It is clear that the tendons, muscles, and bones suffer less with the LISS cardio, especially if your physical shape is not too good.

It helps you lose weight with less effort

Although to a born sportsman this benefit does not seem a good beginning to him, the certainty is that laziness is the worst enemy of the majority of the people who find it difficult to exercise.

Therefore, think that with two hours a week of slow trekking on the treadmill you can lose weight and stay fit, it may be an extra attraction that motivates the laziest.

HIIT vs. LISS Which is better?

In reality, there is no better or worse, but both are different types of training, even combinable.

The HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is about making efforts in a short time (about 20 minutes), where the maximum heart rate varies between 60% and 90%. It is usually practiced with different intensity intervals for three times or less per week and the previous level required is usually the expert.

The main advantage of the HITT cardio is that it allows you to burn fat without losing muscle mass, which is why it is usually recommended to practice it after strength training or weights.

The drawbacks of HIIT is that not everyone is able to do it, you have to be in good physical shape and it is important to rest between each session at least one full day.

In LISS training, the increase in heart rate is quite bearable, with a variation of 60% to 70%, so that changes in rhythms are much smoother.

It usually takes a lot more time to be effective (between 30 and 60 minutes per session) and more sessions per week to really work (four or more), although if combined with other workouts there may be fewer sessions.

One of the most positive aspects of HITT is that everyone can do it, from beginners to experts. The counterpart is that it is a bit slower than the HITT to burn fat, but also very effective, especially considering that the recovery time is much less.

Expert athletes usually combine both workouts, HITT for hard days and LISS for active breaks, accompanied by sessions of weights and a balanced diet.


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