Do You Want 100% Lose Belly Fat Quickly? [Video] – WomenZilla Fitness


Do You Want 100% Lose Belly Fat Quickly? [Video] – WomenZilla Fitness

lose belly fast

Yes, yes, the end of the year parties left us a few extra kilos, but who can resist those exquisite Christmas dishes?

Here’s An Another tip To Lose belly fat quickly

As life has to be enjoyed, after these times of celebration, nothing better than lowering the belly quickly and healthy with this Jamaica tea with cinnamon.

The flower of Jamaica is known for its effective slimming and diuretic properties, which is why it is ideal for girls looking to lose weight.

This flower will also help you eliminate the annoying fluid retention that can generate body swelling.

To make matters worse, the flower of Jamaica is diuretic, so it will keep cholesterol at bay.

Meanwhile, cinnamon is known for its thermogenic property, which helps burn fat, so it is ideal to get rid of those extra pounds.

Here the ingredients to prepare this rich infusion:

1 liter of water

1 cinnamon stick

½ cup of Jamaica flower


Boil the water with cinnamon.

Once boiled, remove the water from the fire and add a cup of Jamaica flower.
Let it cool.

Finish by straining the water and remember to consume it very cold.

As you see, this infusion, in addition to delicious, is healthy and will help you to stop holding liquids.

Start today with the best attitude!


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