7 squats Butt Workouts To Get A Booty Like Kim Kardashian – Video


7 squats Butt Workouts To Get A Booty Like Kim Kardashian 

squats butt workouts like Kim kardashian

Getting a hard and pretty butt has always been on your wishlist. In fact, every time you put on those tight jeans or put on your new bikini you can not repress that desire so yours. The truth is that to sculpt toned and sexy buttocks, you can only resort to physical activity. There are many specific exercises for the butt, although, the best of all is without a doubt, the squats.

For its simplicity, versatility and, above all, for its magnificent results, squats are the perfect training to work your butt.

In addition, they are also an excellent way to strengthen the hips, thighs and, depending on which modality you choose, you can also work cardiovascular resistance.

The most wonderful thing of all is that when you do a squat, the only thing you have to worry about is the execution of the movement.

If you learn to do it correctly, your prize will not be long in coming.

We want to help you make your wishes come true. That’s why we bring you the best squat exercises to achieve some dreamy buttocks. Now you just need to go for it!

1. Squat with body weight

This is a simple squat without artifice. You simply have to use your own body weight to perform the movement.

1. Stand up while maintaining a rigid posture and with your feet respecting the same amplitude as your hips.

2. To gain balance, you can put your hands behind the neck.

3. Now, you should move your hips slightly back and bend the knees forward. While doing this movement, you must also move your chest forward as well. Your body should go down little by little until you get as low as you can.

4. Now, you must apply the same pressure to return to the starting position. That counts as a repetition.

2. Plie Squat

In this type of squat, you can incorporate a weight. Although, if you are starting, it is best to start with your hands-free and focus on the execution. Remember that, in this squats, the most important thing is the body position that you maintain throughout the exercise.

1. Start upright keeping your feet more apart than the width of your knees. Your feet should point outwards.

2. If you choose to hold a weight, you must hold it with both hands and place it just below your belly button. Keep your back straight and rigid and your eyes straight ahead.

3. Pull out your chest and move your butt slightly backward. Little by little, you see lowering your position towards the ground, the objective is to finish with the thighs in parallel with the ground.

4. To return to the initial position, you must move your hips forward and push up.

3. Press Squats

This is a squat very similar to the body weight squat alone, which, on this occasion, adds a plus of difficulty. When you get down, instead of fully standing, you have to make small rebounds to mark the final position well.

1. As in the body weight squat, you must start the exercise keeping your feet to the same width as your hips.

2. Now, you should keep your hands together right in front of your chest. The back should remain rigid and you should take the pectorals out. Now, you must squeeze the muscles of your lower back to pull your bottom out.

3. Little by little, bend the knees and see moving your upper trunk down to keep the thighs parallel with the ground.

4. Instead of fully erecting your body, rise to the middle of the path and back down with small bounces. Go up and down five times and then you can recover the rigid posture.

4. Plyometric Jump Squats

The best thing about this type of squats is that, in addition to toning the buttocks, with the plyometric jump squats you get to do an intense cardio exercise.

1. As with the body weight squat, you should start by keeping your feet to the same width as your hips,

2. The hands, together and in front of the chest. The back, rigid and upright and you must take the pectorals out. Now, squeeze the muscles of the lower back to pull the rear out and force the hips to move down.

3. Flex your knees and slowly move your upper trunk down until you keep your thighs parallel with the ground.

4. When you are in that position, separate your hands from your chest and lift your elbows back so that they end up pointing towards the ceiling. Then, it takes impulse and jumps to recover the initial position.

5. When you are suspended in the air, try to maintain the most straight position possible. You must get to form a straight line that runs through your body from the hands (raised above the head) to the feet. That counts as a squat.

5. One-leg squats

In this type of squat comes into play the body balance. With this exercise, you get to work in a very intense and individual way each one of your glutes.

1. Start with both arms extended in front of you.

2. Now, move one of your legs forward. You have to do it without flexing your knee and with your foot always pointing towards the ceiling.

3. The other knee, flex slightly to get a squat.

4. As always, while doing this you must keep your back straight and your chest moved forward. The support foot should point in the same direction as the other foot. When you reach your limit, go back to the starting position.

6. Goblet Squat

This type of squat is very similar to the body weight squat only that, by definition, is always done by including a weight.

1. Start with the feet arranged to the same width as the hips. In your hands, you must grab a weight and hold it just in front of your chest.

2. Keeping your back straight and pulling your chest out, use the hip to move your body down. To return to the initial position, push with your hips forward.

7. Squat with a weight bar

This exercise is a little more complicated than the rest of squats and it is necessary to do it in the gym. To do this, you must do the classic squat by holding a barbell with the trapeze.

1. Put the horizontal bar of weights behind the never supporting it on the trapeze. Then put the feet with the same width as the hips. Again, take out your chest, keep your back straight and move your hips slightly backward.

2. Push with your hips down until you get your thighs parallel to the ground. When you reach your limit, stand up again.

When to do Butt exercises

You will get the best results if you do top training three times per week. Make sure you have 48 hours between sessions to allow the muscles to recover and rebuild.

You can do your butt training on your own if you are working with a divided routine (for example, doing lower body part on certain days and upper body on other days), or you can do it as part of a full body exercise which includes the upper part of the body.

How many repetitions? How much weight?

It varies depending on your fitness goals and at what stage of training you are. To increase endurance and stability, do 12-20 repetitions with a weight that fatigued the muscles within that range of repetitions.

To increase muscle strength and size, you will have to lift heavier weights with fewer repetitions, usually within the range of 8-12 rep. The key is to select a weight that will fatigue the muscles within the desired range of repetitions.

If you fly through the set and without fatigue, use more weight, and if you can not complete the set with good shape, use less weight.

When you have just started with weight training, it is a good idea to start working on endurance and stability before moving on to strength and muscle size.

Advice on Butt exercise

Although a leg/back training routine is absolutely essential for a balanced workout plan, you are not alone as all you have to do to define your butt and legs and get in the best shape.

If weight loss is your goal, make sure you are doing a minimum of 90 minutes of vigorous cardio each week and eat well. No amount of squats and deadlifts will define your butt if you do not do your cardio and dial in your nutrition plan.

In fact, you may notice your ass getting bulkier as you build muscle beneath the layer of fat still present. That said, the butt exercises burn a lot of calories and the stock/legs make such a large muscle group. So they are a vital part of a fat loss program.

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