[Video] Here’s How Selena Gomez Gets Her Body, According To Her Trainer


[Video] Here’s How Selena Gomez Gets Her Body Back, According To Her Trainer

Since she spoke openly about her state of health (diagnosed with lupus disease and kidney transplant in 2017), Selena Gomez has put new priorities in her life. First of all, the healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition and exercise, as well as mental health. That is what we all have to look for anyway.

According to Amy Rosoff Davis, a personal trainer trained by Selena in recent years, one of her most beloved exercises, thanks to which she has a well-formed is the half bridge in combination with strengthening rubbers.

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In the following video, Davis presents a 45-minute body toning program in which you will find the specific exercise (to see it go straight to 28:51)

How do you do it at home


1. First, you will need a hose. Lie down on the mattress and bend your knees bringing your heels as close as you can to your back. Place the hose at the height just above your knees. Hold your hands on the ground with your palms facing down.

2. With the palms and feet pressed on the floor push and lift your buttocks. Start making a small repetitive motion with your knees from the inside out.

3. At the same time make sure you keep your torso firmly, your waist in a straight line and your buttocks upright.

Some more tips revealed by Selena Gomez’s personal trainer for her famous customer:

1. She loves the pilates.

2. Tumble 3 to 5 times a week.

3. Complement the exercise with yoga, dancing, and exercises based on.

4. Not weighed.

5. It does not follow a diet, it just takes care to make healthy choices.


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